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21 Jun 2005
Developing YaST Modules
YaST stands for Yet another Setup Tool. It is a management tool for installing and administrating SUSE Linux. This tool is designed to simplified the complexity of managing different aspects of SUSE Linux. It presents a simple interface (both GUI or Text based) to administrators for a particular task. Here are some reasons you should develop YaST modules, and a closer look at the YaST architecture.

14 Jan 2004
Building a Secured Corporate Web Application Infrastructure
Welcome to the Building a Secured Corporate Web Application Infrastructure course. This course will help you understand the challenges of developing a modern corporate web infrastructure, accessible from inside and outside the firewall. We will show you how to achieve this by using different Novell technologies. During this course, we will build a simple example using Novell eDirectory, Novell Portal Services, DirXML, and eGuide.

14 Jan 2004
Integrating Apache 2.0.x and Tomcat 4.1.x using mod_jk connector on SUSE 9
By default, SUSE 9 bundles with the Sun Java SDK. Hence, all we need to do is to set up the environment variable JAVA_HOME to point to the Java SDK directory. Here's how you do it.

08 May 2003
AppNote Tool: Building a Secured Corporate Web Application Infrastructure
Tutorial: An introduction of developing a secure web application environment based on user's identity.

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