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08 Mar 2006
Boot in ZfD7-Maintenance Mode to a working Machine
ZfD7 does not save the bootsector in the Imagefile, so, when you change the OS, for example from Linux to Windows, you must write a valid bootsector for yourself. Here's how you do it.

09 Jun 2004
Force the NIC to your Speed Settings Without Modifying the Imaging Environment
Ever need to change the speed and settings like duplex from a NIC? Here is a solution to do this dynamically with a Workstation Image Object, compliments of Thorsten Mick.

30 Jan 2004
Preventing ZENworks from overriding a RegKey Value
Sometimes a snapshot must add a value to an existing RegKey (like the path-variable). But ZENworks overrides the existing key with the new value. Here is Thorsten Mick's nicely detailed solution.

03 Dec 2003
Imaging a Client over a Second Network Card
Thorsten Mick explains exactly how to make ZENworks 4 activate a second Network Card over pxe-boot.

30 May 2003
Add Language Driver for Keyboard Layout to ZENworks 3.2 SP1 Imaging Environment
There are two files in the lang.tgz archiv where the names are too long for copying to the Imaging Environment per zimgboot. Thorsten Mick shares his cool solution.

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