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27 Nov 2007
Installing GroupWise with a Secondary Domain on SLES 10
Tim Heywood explains the order of events for getting GroupWise, ConsoleOne, and WebAccess installed on a SLES 10 system.

27 Nov 2007
Using a GWIA Relay through an Appliance
Tim Heywood explains how to get ConsoleOne set up to support a GWIA port change of traffic.

20 Nov 2007
Apache2 Configuration and the Location of WebAccess
Tim Heywood shows you how to modify your Apache config file to redirect WebAccess to a different port.

20 Nov 2007
Creating SSL Cert Files with the GWCSRGEN Tool
If you need to brush up on creating SSL Cert Files for your PO, this tip from Tim Heywood should help.

23 Oct 2007
Deleting a User and Clearing the User Space
Is that GroupWise user really gone? Here's a tip from Tim Heywood that helps you make sure, once and for all ...

02 Oct 2007
GroupWise and SAN Design, Part 1
In this AppNote, Tim Heywood provides a background for the processes that are required for running a GroupWise system on centralized storage, such as a SAN.

11 Sep 2007
Restoring a Personal Address Book from Backup
Tim Heywood explains how to get a personal address book from a backup, if your restore area is set.

04 Sep 2007
Mailbox Limit Sizes and Warnings in GroupWise
Tim Heywood explains a strategy for setting mailbox limits and issuing quota warnings in GroupWise.

21 Aug 2007
Solving Port Conflicts with a Second GroupWise PO
This tip from Tim Heywood helps you get past port conflict issues when you load a new GroupWise Post Office.

12 Jun 2007
Transferring GroupWise to Another Server, from NWSB
This tip from Tim Heywood shows you how to get GroupWise transferred to a different server, using the NetWare Small Business Suite.

05 Jun 2007
Loading WebAccess in Protected Memory Space
In this tip, Tim Heywood explains the process for loading WebAccess into protected memory space, and what else you should know about it.

02 Jan 2007
Downloading Old E-mails to Disk
Tim Heywood points us to MailSaver for GroupWise, a handy tool that lets users save messages from GroupWise to simple text files on disk.

25 Apr 2006
GroupWise on SANs
What are the pros and cons of running GroupWise on a SAN? Here's some practical advice on the issue, courtesy of Tim Heywood.

19 Jul 2000
Tuning the Inventory Database
This is the Sybase switch info on how to tune an ASA602 Database. This will help anyone who's perhaps the merest bit confused by the Inventory Database (lots of you, judging from our mail). Tim is currently working on a project in the UK producing a reporting tool for the ZENworks inventory (ZEN 2 and ZfD3), about which we'll be telling you more in the future.

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