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09 Jun 2000
Allow LDAP contextless login, extend valid password rules, display an administrator-defined message.

28 Jan 2000
NDS Tools You've Been Clamoring For
Here are some tools so fresh the paint is still wet on them. They utilize some of Netoria's very popular product technologies and features, particularly SFLogin and SFLock. A Valentine's gift to you, from the Client team.

19 Jan 2000
Turning off your default printers (till you want them) (NetWare 5.1)
You've been in this boat: you fire up your machine, don't authenticate, but then because of your printer settings, you get a couple of login prompts (Office 2000 is really bad about this). Well, it turns out that in the NetWare 5.1 clients, there are some registry settings that you can manually create that will make it so that your default printers don't try to authenticate to NDS until you try to print. For mobile users this is very nice.

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