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25 Apr 2001
Will it be Lobster or Linguini?
Choosing between SFT III and NetWare Cluster Services is similar to choosing an entree at a posh seafood restaurant. Both tools do an excellent job in providing data protection, but which is the best for your company?

24 Aug 2000
Configuring DHCP with NetWare Cluster Services
With NetWare Cluster Services, if your UPS fails you're still in business. In such a situation your DHCP Server can be automatically migrated to another NetWare server on your network. In addition, with NetWare Cluster Services you can upgrade or service hardware during business hours, and your users won't lose access to the network or critical network resources.

31 May 2000
Configuring ZENworks for Desktops 2 with NetWare Cluster Services
If you want to ensure all the services provided by ZENworks for Desktops 2 (ZfD) are highly available at all times, NetWare Cluster Services is the way to go. For example, you may be using ZfD primarily to push software updates out to all your users. If it is important to you that software updates occur even during planned or unplanned server hardware or software outages, you should consider implementing NetWare Cluster Services.

25 May 1999
Backing Up and Restoring NDS for Planned Hardware Upgrades
Check out a few good options for installing NetWare 4.11 - that don't involve uninstalling NDS.

21 Apr 1999
Unregistering a Workstation
Is there a way to unregister a workstation once it has been registered and imported into NDS? Why would you want to do this? Todd Grant brings you the answers.

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