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18 Jun 2003
Deploying Novell ZENworks for Desktops 4 in a Pure Microsoft Windows Environment
Check out this new AppNote which discusses how ZENworks for Desktops can be deployed in a pure Windows environment, and walks you through the installation steps to set up a trial configuration.

25 Jan 2001
Setting Up ZENworks in your Tree
The process of setting up ZENworks in your NDS tree (or how to fix it if you set things up clumsily) is the subject of much e-mail every month. It's a task that everyone has to do, and if you approach it with a good understanding of how ZENworks affects your tree, you can avoid a lot of confusion and grief later on. We were delighted when Ron and Brad and the friendly editors at Novell Press gave us permission to excerpt this chapter from their new ZENworks Administrator's Handbook, because it offers a first-rate explanation of the various elements of ZENworks, and how they affect your tree design. We think this will answer a lot of the questions we are seeing, particularly from administrators who are new to ZENworks.

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