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Tommy Mikkelsen
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A Bit About Tommy

Tommy is a senior consultant working for a Platinium Partner in Denmark. He does most of his work around GroupWise, but from time to time digs into the NetWare Client and the Printing stuff. Tommy has written some GroupWise Advisor articles, a lot of CoolSolutions articles, and has contributed a number of tools. He is active in both NUI and the GroupWiseR Team in Europe. Tommy has been a speaker for the GroupWise Advisor Summit. You can contact Tommy here:

The Complete Works of Tommy

18 Dec 2007
With GroupWise 7, you can save an email as an eml file (Internet mail (mime)), but if you later on wants to open it again, and simply click on it, you might end up with Outlook spanning to show you the email.

20 Nov 2007
Restoring GroupWise without an NDS Backup
What to do if you're looking at a GroupWise restore but have no eDirectory backup? Try these words of advice from Tommy Mikkelsen ...

06 Nov 2007
Finding a Missing Trash Folder
Where is that invisible trash folder? Tommy Mikkelsen offers a few clues for tracking it down when you can't see it in your desktop ...

09 Oct 2007
Displaying the DNS Name instead of IP Address at Client Login
Here's a tip from Tommy Mikkelsen that helps you display the DNS name at client login time.

31 Jul 2007
Setting All Address Books to Display Last Name First
Tommy Mikkelsen has a simple tip for changing to a last-name first display with the address book, and making that available to all clients.

10 Jul 2007
Netscape Address Book Import
Import Netscape address book into GroupWise.

28 Jun 2007
GroupWise Snapins for the API Gateway
GroupWise 5.5 Snapins for NetWare Administrator (NWAdmin). They are to be used with the GroupWise API Gateway.

26 Jun 2007
Speeding Up Client Startup Time
Something might be slowing down your GroupWise client startup - and Tommy Mikkelsen unravels the mystery ...

13 Feb 2007
Restoring Single Appointments
Tommy Mikkelsen explains how to restore single appointments, without needing to restore a complete PO.

13 Feb 2007
Getting E-mails from a Cached Mailbox Back to the Online Account
Tommy Mikkelsen shares a simple process for taking e-mails from a cached mailbox and copying them back into an online account.

31 Jan 2007
EasyProxy for GroupWise
Novell GroupWise utility for defining and controlling access to each mailbox in the enterprise.

16 Jan 2007
Preventing a User from Sending Messages
What if you want a user to receive e-mails but not to be able to send them? Tommy Mikkelsen has a simple tip that gets the job done ...

16 Aug 2006
Allow for fast configuration of automatic logon to the network and the workstation.

05 Jul 2006
VCard File import tool for GroupWise
Convert VCard file into a NAB-file.

23 Jun 2006
Printer Driver Generator
Generate INF-based printer drivers without iPrint.

07 Dec 2004
Generate a list of objects with the missing Guid.

18 Nov 2004
Cool Tool: EasyProxy for GroupWise
Check out this new tool submitted by Tommy Mikkelsen that allows administrators to set proxy rights for individual user accounts, distribution lists, post office or domains. Find out more and download a 1-user eval version here.

02 Oct 2003
ConsoleOne Update Utility
Keep ConsoleOne updated effortlessly.

20 Feb 2003
Prevent Redistribution of Reg Keys after ZfD4 Upgrade
From Tommy Mikkelsen comes this little freebie tool that prevents the redistribution of registry keys during an upgrade to ZfD4. The fix for this bug should be in ZfD4SP1. Use this in the meanwhile.

20 Feb 2003
ZfD4 Redistribute Bug
Prevents redistribution of registry keys after Upgrade to ZfD4.

08 Jan 2003
How to Recreate a Deleted GroupWise Account and Restore Email
Tommy Mikkelsen needed to recreate a deleted GroupWise account for a customer and restore all of the email, but the only backup was one month old! Find out how he was able to recreate the account and restore all of the customer's email.

16 Aug 2002
NWCli 1.1
Shutdown client programs prior to Automatic Client Upgrade (ACU).

02 Aug 2002
IP Boot Disk
Boot Disk to attach to a server running Native IP.

08 Jul 2002
NDPS Management Tip from the Trenches
Here's a tip from the desk of frequent contributor and NetWare guru Tommy Mikkelsen. Tommy ran into some problems configuring his NDPS printers over his company WAN. Here's the switch he used to get things up and running.

27 Jun 2002
Importing Netscape Address Books into GroupWise
We recently answered a question on how to import Netscape address books into GroupWise. Tommy Mikkelsen sent in a tool that will do it for you! Download it here.

29 May 2002
Performing a Top-Down GroupWise Rebuild with No User Downtime
Tommy Mikkelsen shares his step-by-step instructions on how to perform a top-down rebuild of a GroupWise System, where the only impact on the users is the time it takes to unload and reload the POA. Find out more.

09 May 2002
Configure Automatic Logins with Your Eyes Closed
One of our most popular contributors, Tommy Mikkelsen, got tired of all the manual work (and manual reading) that was required each time he was asked to set up a workstation to automatically log in to the network. So he built a tool that makes it all a snap -- and he's giving it away for free!

02 Apr 2002
ZEN Grace
Make an application forced run after the user has declined the prompt after X number of times.

29 Mar 2002
NAL Time
Get last distributed time for NAL applications.

15 Feb 2002
Clearing the Cache Quickly
Tommy Mikkelsen shares a tip on how to clear the proxy cache in record time, so you can get your users up and running much faster.

28 Jan 2002
Get Last Distributed Time for NAL Apps
Freshly Updated! If you have ever needed to find out when an app was last distributed to a workstation, but discovered too late that you didn't have logging turned on, you're going to love this free tool, the latest in a long line of goodies from Tommy Mikkelsen.

14 Mar 2001
Preventing GroupWise from trying to startup when Disconnected
Suggestions for how to set up GroupWise on laptop PCs, so that when you are off the network, if GroupWise is in the startup, it won't spin forever and try to start up.

05 Oct 2000
Duplicate Addresses, Revisited
Here's another suggestion about fixing duplicates in the GroupWise Address Book.

22 Sep 2000
Forcing Users to Accept an Application
How to make an application forced run after the user has declined the prompt after X number of times.

26 Jul 2000
Speeding up Distribution of a Large App
Ever wonder why it takes so long time to distribute a large application to a workstation? Well, sometimes it's caused by the workstation running a realtime virus-killer.

24 Mar 2000
Forcing Users to Accept an App
How to make an application forced run after the user has declined the prompt after X number of times

12 Jan 2000
Distributing NWADMIN95
We've had some questions about how to use a snAppShot to distribute NWADMIN95. Here's how Tommy does it in Denmark.

27 Oct 1999
Make a Customized GroupWise Address Book
Tommy Mikkelsen of KD Data in Denmark shares his smooth method for giving your GroupWise users a customized address book.

12 Aug 1999
Catalog Services on NetWare 4.11
If you thought Catalog Services could only run on NetWare 5, think again. Here's a handy tip to get it running on a NetWare 4.11 server.

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