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A Bit About Tony

Tony works in local government in the UK, more of a desktop techie than a server guy, he's currently looking at auditing, inventory and forensics. He has worked in IT for 6 years, and is largely self taught. He's usually found deep in thought tinkering with Printers and Network admin. He is not your usual jumper wearing geek, but he does grow a beard from time and drinks Real Ale. When not engrossed in IT, he can be found plying his trade at darts, doing 3D graphics and of course drinking beer.

The Complete Works of Tony

22 Aug 2007
Solving ConsoleOne Display Corruption
If you're getting annoyed by frequent display setting corruptions in ConsoleOne, this tip from Tony Kelly should help.

16 Aug 2007
Troubleshooting Problems Viewing Files on a NetWare Server
Tony Kelly explains how he solved some problems users were having when viewing files on a NetWare Server if they were using the Verdana Ref font.

14 Aug 2007
Managing Contacts via HTML in GroupWise 7
Tony Kelly explains how to take advantage of the HTML files that GroupWise 7 leaves in the user's default temp folder.

13 Apr 2007
Workaround for High Failed Login Counts
Freshly updated with new ideas. Tony Kelly and team were puzzled by abnormally high "Failed Login" counts. He still doesn't know exactly what was wrong, but here's how he fixed it. If anyone knows the underlying reason why his fix worked, we'd all love to hear it.

20 Oct 2005
Helping Users through a GroupWise Rollout
My colleague Dave Fowler suggested this at the start of our initial GroupWise rollout: worked a treat.

02 Feb 2005
Improve Printing Speeds, and Keep Users off your Back
Tony Kelly explains how he successfully kept the Windows spooler from stopping, and made printing snappy again. Good sleuthing, Tony!

20 Jan 2005
Cool Tip: Fix for GroupWise Error - GWNFY1xx.DLL
If you've ever had the error "Unable to locate an interface language DLL. Looking for GWNFY1xx.DLL" ( xx is the language abbreviation), take a look at this tip from Tony Kelly for information on how to fix it.

04 Nov 2004
Cool Tip: Solution for problem saving Visio 2002 documents after installing GroupWise 6.5
Solution for problem saving Visio 2002 documents after installing GroupWise 6.5

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