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14 Aug 2003
Leveraging eDirectory to Manage Apache Servers
If you've ever set up an Apache server then you know just how daunting the http.conf file can be. This should help: NetWare 6.5 includes a new utility that leverages eDirectory and a user-friendly web interface to help you manage your Apache configuration(s). It can't get much better than that, now can it?

16 May 2003
Apache 2.0: All New and Engineered for the NetWare Environment
Don't miss this outstanding AppNote by Novell's Brad Nicholes. It summarizes what's new in Apache 2.0 and explains why you, as a NetWare web services administrator, should consider the upgrade.

30 Aug 2002
Advice for Upgrading Apache on NetWare 6
We've had a lot of readers ask us how, when, and where they can upgrade the Apache software that comes with NetWare 6 -- just 'cause they can. Senior software engineer Brad Nicholes shares some guidelines.

09 Oct 2001
How to Use eDirectory-Based Home Directories with the Apache Web Server
Don't miss this excellent AppNote, which can help you expand user home directories to the web.

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