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07 Nov 2006
Getting SNMP Values from Multiple POAs on the Same Node
Cool Solutions reader Uffe Bager shares a Perl script and configuration to help you get SNMP values from multiple POAs on the same node.

29 Oct 2004
Using DirXML to Create ACLs for SecureLogin
Here's a new tip sent in by a Cool Solutions reader. If you've ever gotten tired of manually assigning new-user rights, check out this XML script that lets DirXML do the ACL work for you.

31 Aug 2004
Creating One Image Object for all Remote Workstations
Many multi-site environments maintain multiple Image objects to image the remote workstations. Why not just have one? Uffe Bager tells you how.

26 Aug 2004
Cool Tip: Redirect WebAccess Users to a Specific Page after Logout
When using iChain and Form Fill to Accelerate and Single Sign-On to GroupWise WebAccess, users are redirected to the login page when they logout. Uffe Bager shares a tip on how you can redirect users to a specific page after they logout.

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