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Upendra is the Quality Assurance Engineer for the SSL VPN product of Juniper Networks. He worked for Novell for four years until Oct 2004, testing the BorderManager 3.6 full feature component and integration testing of the Novell BorderManager 3.6 patches, 3.7 and 3.8. He did RAIL testing (base testing done before going for the ICSA certification) for 3.8, and a lot of in-house interoperability tests with Linux and different 3rd Party Servers and Clients like CISCO, Checkpoint, SSH.

The Complete Works of Upendra

04 Oct 2006
AppNote: CISCO IOS 12.2(11) T with NBM 3.8 Server
This AppNote describes the basic design and interoperability of an IP VPN network on top of a public network infrastructure using CISCO 2600 IOS 12.2 T with a Novell BorderManager 3.8 VPN server (site-to-site mode). *Newly updated by Chendil Kumar*

02 Dec 2004
VPN Cookbook - Configuring NBM Servers for Site-to-Site
There's a wealth of information in this handy "cookbook" approach - easy steps to configure NBM servers as Masters and Slaves in a variety of useful combinations.

18 Feb 2004
Make BorderManager Play well with 3rd Party VPN Gateways
Do you have a problem interoperating Novell BorderManager 3.8 with any of these third-party Servers: CISCO IOS, CISCO PIX, CHECKPOINT, LUCENT BRICK, NETSCREEN, LINKSYS, NORTEL? Here's the solution.

15 Jan 2004
AppNote: NBM 3.8 Server with Check Point
This document describes how to interoperate NBM 3.8 Server with the Check Point Server. This is based on the interoperability tests between the Check Point and the NBM 3.8 Server.

11 Dec 2003
AppNote: SSH Client Interoperability with NBM 3.8 Server
This document is aimed at the users of the VPN client. This document briefly explains the usage of the SSH Sentinel client with the Novell BorderManager (NBM) 3.8 server in Authentication Mode and Encryption Mode.

12 Nov 2003
AppNote: VPN FreeS/WAN Configuration Guide with NBM 3.8 Server
This document provides information on how to deploy the Free S/WAN VPN clients with Novell BorderManager (NBM) 3.8 servers. This document is aimed at experienced FreeS/Wan IPSec administrators.

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