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Bradford Thorpe

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04 Mar 2002
NW Client Auto Login Registry - Win2K
Bradford Thorpe shares a piece of wisdom that helped him solve a baffling AutoAdminLogin problem.

16 Nov 2001
Changing a Registry Value with a Machine Unique Key
Bradford Thorpe shares this tricky way of changing the WINS IP on all statically IP coded machines.

24 Jul 2001
New User Profile Quick Setup
Bradford Thorpe shares a great idea about how to stop Office 2000 re-installing every time a user who has not logged onto a machine before does so.

27 Sep 2000
Putting User's Current Context into Registry
I had an interesting problem of trying to get an app to put the current context of the user into the registry. As I couldn't find a macro to use I ended up using a batch file in the script and then regedit command.

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