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Victor Kulichkin

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A Bit About Victor

Victor is a system engineer / programmer from Ukraine, specializing in development of software and network projects for Novell environment.

The Complete Works of Victor

01 Sep 2007
UserKVYMonitor v1.7.1
The analyzer of user activity on NetWare server with Novell ZENworks Remote Management support.

16 Jun 2007
RTMonitor 5.0.3
Monitor BorderManager User Activity in real time.

05 Jun 2007
Trapper 4.0.0
Controller/analyzer of HTTP traffic for users of Novell BorderManager.

22 May 2007
BMgrSaver v2.1.
Fulfills backup and restore of BorderManager Access Rules of the BorderManager server.

22 Dec 2006
RTMNSM v1.0.4
Real time analyzer of user activity for the HTTP proxy of Novell Security Manager, powered by Astaro.

18 Aug 2006
UserKVYlist v1.1.3
Create reports about users in eDirectory.

03 Aug 2006
InetKVYmonitor v1.0.1
Analyzer of user activity for Squid proxy in real time.

28 Sep 2005
Controlling HTTP traffic in BorderManager by Trapper
Here's an inside look at the Trapper application by Victor Kulichkin. Learn more about how the Trapper Admin and Trapper Engine help you control and track Internet access easily and effectively.

17 May 2005
Whois v2.1.0
Get Internet Host Information.

10 Mar 2005
Cool Tool: RTMonitor - Monitor BorderManager User Activity
Updated: Monitor BorderManager user activity in real time with this cool program by Victor Kulichkin. RTMonitor scans the most current log file of BorderManager server and will show you up to the last 100 users, and the last 20 web sites they visited. You can also find out which users are taking most of the bandwidth. Find out more and download a demo version here.

11 Apr 2003
Monitor BorderManager User Activity in Real Time
Freshly Updated: If you're looking to stay ahead of inappropriate Internet activity (and who isn't?), here's another arrow for your quiver.

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