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03 Apr 2002
Check Log Files
Check log files for the last occurrence of a text string.

03 Apr 2002
Test various aspects of NAL with this diagnostic tool.

03 Apr 2002
Space Replace
Replace spaces in environment variables.

07 Feb 2001
Write Context and Server to the Registry
Here's a little utility which writes the current context and server to the Registry.

06 Feb 2001
Write context and server to the registry.

26 Apr 2000
Replace Spaces in Environment Variables
Had a little problem the other day where someone wanted to redirect users' drive mappings into text files using something like:
map > %username%.txt
but it wasn't working because some of the 'username' environment variables had spaces in them, and you can imagine what problems that caused! Here is a workaround.

09 Feb 2000
Checking Log Files
Since you were kind enough to advertise my diagnostic tool, I thought you might also like another quick and dirty one which I've put together. Someone wanted to check (text) log files for the last occurrence of an event, which was reported a few lines after the trigger event. The attached program scans through a number of files, finds a specific string, then outputs a specified number of lines to another file.

13 Oct 1999
Victor Markwart, another one of the brilliant Aussies we continue to meet on this site, sent us this outstanding diagnostic tool which reports on environment variables, command line parameters, UNC connections, etc. It's tailor-made for testing NAL. This could end up being one of your favorites.

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