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24 Jan 2007
Cool Blog: Synchronization versus Virtualization
In this Cool Blog, Volker Scheuber discusses the pros and cons of virtualization and synchronization with IDM.

13 Sep 2006
Cool Blog: Heads Down (Designer Improvements)
What are the cool new features in Designer 2.0, m4? Volker Scheuber has the answers in this Cool Blog ...

23 Aug 2006
Cool Blog: News from the Identity Management Front
Two new features coming in Designer 2.0 are snapshotting and staging. Find out why Volker Scheuber is so excited about what this will mean for Identity Manager ...

16 Aug 2006
Cool Blog: Changes in IDM 3.0.1 (IDM SP1)
Volker Scheuber gets down to the details with this thorough look at what's inside the new SP1 release of Identity Manager 3.0.1.

28 Jun 2006
Cool Blog: Mixing the Doughs, Baking the Cake, Tasting It
Sample Volker Scheuber's "marble cake" of role-based entitlements and workflow, including a downloadable driver export with custom entitlements and DirXML script policies to manage the static include/exclude lists.

21 Jun 2006
Cool Blog: Mutually Exclusive?
Novell's Volker Scheuber discusses how role-based and approval-based provisioning can work together - like "the perfect marble cake" in a good architecture ...

14 Jun 2006
Cool Blog: The Yin and Yang of Identity Management
In this Cool Blog, Novell's Volker Scheuber gives us a glimpse of the future for the popular Designer for Identity Manager.

17 Mar 2004
Advanced Snap-in for ConsoleOne
We recently got a terrific addition to the Free Tools collection from Volker Scheuber. This extremely popular tool used to be fee-based, and people have become quite attached to it. You'll see why when you use it, now that he's set it free.

11 Mar 2004
Advanced Snapin for ConsoleOne
Allows an administrator to define user interfaces for ConsoleOne using industry standard XML code, then interprets this XML code during runtime.

13 Nov 2003
Assigning Attribute Values to Variables
Here's a tip from Novell Consultant Volker Scheuber (via the forums) that illustrates how to assign the value of a modified attribute to a variable.

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