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18 Sep 2003
Automatically Configuring Network Clients to use the BorderManager Proxy
Wallace Marks wanted to disable Transparent Proxy, but before he could do that he needed some way of configuring everybody's workstations to use the proxy. To make matters worse, they have a lot of outside consultants that routinely need Internet access. Here's how he did it.

22 Jul 2002
ConsoleOne Snap-In Tips
We found Wallace Marks perched on a rock in the forums preaching the virtues of ConsoleOne. He spoke of how to get the most out of the various snap ins that, well, snap in to ConsoleOne and give it amazing powers. That's our story and we're sticking to it.

31 May 2001
Managing your ConsoleOne Snapins
Wallace Marks explains how he creates a master directory so everyone can keep their PCs up-to-date with the latest greatest snapins.

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