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25 Nov 2003
Accelerating eGuide with iChain and Single Sign On
Learn how to secure and accelerate Novell eGuide via Novell iChain with this lab guide by Will Peterson.

21 Jul 2003
Using eDirectory Attributes to Filter eGuide Searches
Here's a tip from eGuide master Will Peterson that shows how to use eDirectory attributes to keep disabled accounts hidden from active searches.

08 Jul 2003
eGuide Display of Attributes with Values
We heard from a guy who wanted a way to have eGuide display only the attributes with values. (eGuide 2.1 displays all the enabled attributes, which was a darned sight more than he wanted.) Will Peterson explains how you do it.

24 Mar 2003
Hiding Certain Attributes in eGuide
If you're making modifications to eGuide and have made some changes to the CombinedAddress UIHandler, here's a tip to help you display what you intend to and hide the rest.

03 Mar 2003
Configuring USER Categories in eGuide
Here's a tip from Wil Peterson if you're trying to define multiple user categories in your eGuide implementation.

10 Feb 2003
Launching a NetMeeting from eGuide
Did you know eGuide pages can be set up to initiate instant messaging sessions or NetMeetings with a single click of the mouse? Wil Peterson explains how here.

13 Jan 2003
Filtering Searches in eGuide
Will Peterson describes how to set up a complex search filter to help students and staff (at a university of 9 colleges) keep their searches focused.

30 Dec 2002
Storing eGuide Photos as LDAP Attributes
If you want to store your employee photos using LDAP instead of your server's file system, here's what and where to tweak.

14 Nov 2002
Adding Custom Tabs to eGuide
If you've ever thought, "Gee it would be nice if I could add my own tabs to eGuide", stop thinking. Will Peterson reveals a secret in the eGuide code that will open the world of custom tabs to you and your trusted associates.

07 Nov 2002
Customizing eGuide to Filter by Employee Type
Here's some clever code from the eGuide team. This snippet illustrates a technique that can give your eGuide users the ability to limit their browsing to groups of employees based on their type. Give it a look!

31 Oct 2002
Changing How eGuide Displays Email Addresses
Here's another tip from the eGuide team. This one shows how to change the display of email addresses so they're a little more intuitive and user friendly.

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