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14 Nov 2007
Stripping Null Values from IDM Operations
Will Schneider shares a few IDM rules that strip all null values from all operations, either at the Input, Output, the Command.

18 Oct 2006
Changing NIC Settings for ZENworks Imaging
When using ZENworks Imaging the imaging kernel comes up with the NIC configured for auto-negotiate. If your switch port is hard coded, this conflict causes imaging to take considerably longer. In order to resolve this you can use ethtool to change the settings on the interface. Of course this takes a few minutes to type and it would be way cooler to create a script to do this. So I did!

13 Sep 2006
Synchronizing eDir-2-eDir, Flat to Hierarchical
Will Schneider shares a few policies that helps you selectively synchronize users to a hierarchical tree.

17 May 2006
Synchronizing Objects into the Right Containers
Will Schneider shows us how to associate OUs so that users are more consistent between eDirectory and Active Directory. Example policies are included to get you started.

04 May 2006
Installing OES or SLES without having to swap CDs
When installing a SUSE based system, be it OES or straight SLES, you may be swapping CDs for quite some time! William Schneider shares his solution on how to install a system without swapping CDs.

16 Jun 2005
Moving an Account when User's Affiliation Changes
In this followup article, Cool Solutions contributor Will Schneider shows how to move move an account in a hierarchical directory from one OU to another, when the user changes affiliation.

16 Jun 2005
Multi-valued Attribute to a Single-valued String
Getting multi-valued eDirectory attributes into their single-valued Active Directory equivalents can be like fitting round pegs into square holes. This tip from Cool Solutions contributor Will Schneider helps you get that data from point A to point B.

17 Mar 2005
Additional Default Rules to Handle Multi-Valued Attributes
Cool Solutions contributor Will Schneider lends us a helpful tip on synchronizing multi-valued attributes.

17 Feb 2005
Controlling Account-Enabled Status on Microsoft Exchange
Cool Solutions Contributor Will Schneider shares his insights on handling disabled user accounts in Microsoft Exchange. With two simple rules you can cut down on user confusion and those annoying "undeliverable" messages.

17 Feb 2005
Tip: Using Microsoft Exchange Rules
Will Schneider shares his tips for handling rules in Microsoft Exchange, especially geared towards large implementations. Learn how to get more done with fewer rules (and smaller log files).

06 Apr 2004
Programmatically Placing Users in a Hierarchical Structure * Update
Wow! Will Schneider submitted this incredibly cool way to get Nsure Identity Manager 2 to place users in a hierarchical structure based on a multi-valued attribute (say that three times fast). - Note: Content has been updated from the original article ...

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