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Wolfgang Schreiber

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A Bit About Wolfgang

Wolfgang taught in a German university before joining Novell Germany in 1988.
During his work with Novell (Education, Technical Support, Developer Support, and Consulting) he continuously provides cool Novell tools. His technical focus is on eDirectory programming on Win32 and iManager.

The Complete Works of Wolfgang

31 Oct 2007
Customizing the Chooser Mode in iManager Roles & Tasks
Here's a tip from Wolfgang Schreiber that helps you specify the chooser mode that's used for custom tasks in iManager.

05 Sep 2007
Solving iPrint Errors in Mobile iManager
This tip from Wolfgang Schreiber helps you avoid iPrint exception errors that can occur when you use Mobile iManager.

20 Jun 2007
Solving a Slow Performance Situation with iManager 2.6
Is iManager running slower for you since upgrading to version 2.6? Wolfgang Schreiber has a fix that should improve performance ...

28 Mar 2007
Using Mobile iManager to Test iManager Changes
Long-time Cool Solutions contributor Wolfgang Schreiber shares a simple method for testing iManager customizations by using Mobile iManager.

21 Mar 2007
Creating a Custom Help Desk Page for iManager
Here's a tip from Wolfgang Schreiber that helps you set up a form for using custom fields on a help desk page in iManager.

13 Feb 2007
Windows Utility to replace XCopy/NCopy.

20 Dec 2006
Handling PKI.npm in Non-English Environments
Long-time contributor Wolfgang Schreiber shares a few localization workarounds for the latest PKI tool.

22 Nov 2006
iManager Role for Renaming Only
Wolfgang Schreiber shares a quick tip on creating an iManager role that just allows renaming users.

17 Oct 2006
Quick for NDS v1.50a
Execute several NDS operations from the command line or from batch files.

16 Oct 2006
Display Trustee Assignments
Scan one or more NetWare directories for trustees.

18 Aug 2006
Send GroupWise Messages from Command Line or Batch File.

31 May 2006
ConsoleOne Booster
Select ConsoleOne SnapIns at Startup.

24 Apr 2006
Command line utility to quickly disconnect from all NetWare/eDirectory servers.

30 Mar 2006
Win32 based Workstation equivalent for the MODULES console command.

26 Mar 2006
DSReport: NDS Report Generator
Browse NDS Object Attributes, Generate NDS Reports.

15 Dec 2005
DSSec.exe: Report NDS Security Issues
Create reports on users who have no passwords, insecure password restrictions, or excessive rights.

12 Dec 2005
Troubleshooting Installation Problems ("Windows error 3")
When installing an NDK component with the executable installation download you may get the message "Windows error 3 occured while loading the Java VM." Here is a quick workaround to solve the issue.

08 Dec 2005
Simple Password Self-Service
Allows users to change their own password.

05 Dec 2005
Compare eDirectory Schema on 2 Trees and Report on Differences.

02 Dec 2005
Schema LDIF Exporter: SchExp
Export selected classes and/or attributes.

14 Nov 2005
Developer Tool to read existing iManager Info from eDirectory and export as XML.

14 Nov 2005
Read existing iManager Info from eDirectory and export as XML.

08 Nov 2005
Easily create reports on available Partitions and Replicas and some basic health information. Check or Force Synchronization.

15 Oct 2005
Selectively purge deleted files.

12 Oct 2005
Auto-filling iManager Fields
Here's a tip from long-time Cool Solutions contributor Wolfgang Schreiber on how to use the iManager 2.5 Plug-in Studio to auto-fill attribute values. Javascript examples are included.

29 Sep 2005
Displaying Partial Attributes in iManager
Cool Tools guru Wolfgang Schreiber lends some code that helps you display partial attributes

28 Sep 2005
eDirectory: Making It Count!
Have eDirectory count how many objects there are in your tree or in a given organizational unit.

27 Sep 2005
Identify Objects with Attributes Duplicate / Attributes Present / Attribute Not Present.

27 Sep 2005
Mutate Objects
Change the base class of existing objects.

27 Sep 2005
Delete eDirectory Organizational Units recursively (with all their subcontainers).

26 Sep 2005
Utility to find and/or replace strings in text files.

19 Sep 2005
Down the Server from Command Line or Batch Job.

20 Jul 2005
RiteHere: Identify Effective File Systems Rights
Identify the eDirectory users with effective rights in one or more specified directories.

08 Dec 2004
Retrieve Information on Partitions and Replicas.

30 Nov 2004
Scan Multiple NetWare Directories for Trustees
Check out this freshly updated free tool that allows you to select one or more directories from one or more servers and create a list of all file and/or directory trustees. Bet you can think of some great reasons to use this one.

04 Nov 2003
Assign trustee rights to files or directories.

19 Mar 2003
Scan one or more NetWare directories for Trustees
Heads Up: Don't miss this cool Free Tool. TrstRpt allows you to scan one or more NetWare directories for trustees. You can scan for directory trustees, for file trustees, or for both.

06 Mar 2003
NLM to push characters into file server keyboard buffer.

06 Mar 2003
NDS Partition Check 1.20b
Analyze Partitions and Replica Rings for Corruption.

05 Mar 2002
Using Low-Level Delphi to Build eDirectory Applications
In this last-in-the-series article, Wolfgang Schreiber, demonstrates the finer points of developing eDirectory applications using the Delphi: Low-Level toolset.

10 Jan 2002
AppNote Tool: Sample Code for eDirectory-enabled Applications
Building eDirectory-Enabled Applications Using Delphi: Low-Level.

12 Dec 2001
Using Delphi: ActiveX to Build eDirectory Apps
In part two of this three-part AppNote series, Wolfgang Schreiber explores the finer points of Delphi: ActiveX programming.

06 Dec 2001
Using Delphi to Build eDirectory Apps
Whether your a true-blue developer or just want to try your hand at building something that leverages eDirectory this AppNote article by Wolfgang Schreiber will give you a place to start.

03 Dec 2001
AppNote Tool: Sample Code using Delphi: ActiveX
Building eDirectory-Enabled Applications using Delphi: ActiveX

07 Sep 2001
Browse NDS Object Attributes, Generate NDS Reports
Come get this nifty tool from one of the smart guys in Worldwide Developer Support. It will allow you to run reports on any attributes of any object in an NDS tree.

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