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06 Jun 2003
Set CD Jumper Properly to Mount ISO CD
tIf you run into problems mounting your ISO CD, take a look at this little tip from Alex Trappenberg.

16 May 2003
Workaround for Compaq DHCP Problem
After upgrading to NetWare 6, Alex's Compaq servers stopped handing out DHCP addresses. After three agonizing days, Alex solved it, and in a fit of altruism, shares the workaround here. Updated with a new suggestion.

22 Apr 2003
Careful how you use the Migration Wizard
This is probably common knowledge, but worth mentioning. This can save you a lot of work, especially if you have many users or other objects.

10 Apr 2003
Get IP Address
VB Script to obtain the IP address.

24 Feb 2003
Fixing the Disappearing Screensaver
After performing a backup (Arcserve 7) Alex lost the screensaver from the server console. Here's his fix.

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