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Gary Childers is a Senior Systems Engineer and Solutions Architect working with Alphanumeric Systems, Inc., a leading provider of Novell solutions for North and South Carolina. He is a member of the Triangle Novell User's Group ( which meets in Raleigh, NC, and a new member of the CoolSolutions forums (

The Complete Works of Gary

31 Jan 2007
Network Security: Test-Drive Your Firewall Solution
In this AppNote, Gary Childers provides a practical way to test-drive the Novell Security Manager firewall solution, from the comfort of your own lab.

04 Jan 2007
AppNote: Patch Management Made Easy
To patch, or not to patch? That is the question. Actually, this is only one facet of the question. How do we implement the patches? Who decides when and whether to apply patches? How do we keep track of which machines have which patches? The automation of operating system and application patching is designed to take a lot of the repetitive drudgery out of our jobs, as well as to simply make sure that the job gets done. Sometimes, just getting the environment set up for the automation of software patching can be a bit onerous, especially if it means even a one-time visit to touch every workstation. My goal for this article is to hopefully reduce that drudgery, and free up some of your time for the projects and tasks that you really want to get done.

06 Sep 2006
Moving GroupWise Systems
In this AppNote, Gary Childers provides a strategic look at the process of migrating an entire GroupWise system from one server to another.

09 May 2006
Implementing a Transparent Deployment of Novell Branch Office
Gary Childers explains how to deploy NBO servers in a transparent fashion -- meaning that, if we do our jobs right, the end users may be blissfully unaware that any change at all has taken place on their network.

27 Apr 2006
Novell Branch Office Q&A: An Open Discussion
Updated with new Q&A: Gary Childers has provided answers to some of the most common questions that he has received about using Novell Branch Office.

06 Apr 2006
Data Replication Using Novell Technologies Video
Gary Childers presents some strategies for data replication using Novell technologies such as Novell Branch Office, Novell iFolder, and the RSYNC utility that has been ported to NetWare. Watch the video here.

09 Mar 2006
AppNote: Using RSYNC with Windows
Updated: Lots of people are interested in backing up data on Windows laptops and PCs using RSYNC, in a variety of situations. Gary Childers shares some great ideas for some unexpectedly cool ways to use this great utility.

08 Dec 2005
AppNote: RSYNC Q&A - An Open Discussion
Updated with new Question: Gary Childers has provided answers to some of the most common questions that he has received about using RSYNC. If you have other questions about RSYNC or would like to share how you are using the utility, send them in here.

24 Aug 2005
AppNote: Novell Client Settings with Windows Terminal Server
Gary Childers explains how to install and configure the Novell client on a Windows Terminal Server.

08 Aug 2005
Add Novell Support to Your Firefox Search Engine
If you're using Firefox to surf the web, check this out. It's a snap to add the Novell Support, Novell Documentation, or a zillion other search engines to your favorite list to be able to search directly from the Firefox Web Search bar. Gary Childers lays it all out.

29 Jun 2005
AppNote: Roll Your Own -- Creating Custom Packages with ZENworks Patch Management
Come learn how to use PatchLink Update Server to deploy and update an application of your own selection. While the pre-defined packages from the PatchLink subscription service may provide 99% of what most people need, there will always be that other 1%. And when it's your job to provide that 1% solution, then that becomes an important 1%.

28 Jun 2005
Goodbye to Tape - Backup Strategies in the New Millennium
One of the undeniable issues we all face in network and server management is protection against data loss: that is, for most of us, data backup. It is simultaneously a bane and a boon to our existence. Many times, it is simply an enormous aggravation, when it isn't working properly – because we just never know when we might really need it. Gary Childers shares what he's learned over the years in the School of Hard Knocks. Enjoy!

22 Jun 2005
AppNote: The Two Trees - Simultaneously Accessing Nterprise Branch Office Servers and the Corporate Tree
A lot of folks are trying out Novell's Nterprise Branch Office (NBO) product, in order to realize the savings on hardware and administrative costs, and are finding that the hardest part is the transition period between using traditional NetWare servers, and using the Branch Office servers. Gary Childers offers a boost up the learning curve. Enjoy!

01 Feb 2005
Double SYNC -- Using RSYNC Simultaneously With and Without Branch Office for Data Backup
Some people might already be using (or considering) Nterprise Branch Office, in order to realize the savings on hardware and administrative costs. But they are also using full-fledged NetWare servers where the Branch Office appliance is not appropriate, and may want to leverage the same benefit of using RSYNC to replicate files from the full servers, at the same time. Can RSYNC do both? You bet it can. Gary Childers tells all.

01 Jan 2005
Backup Windows XP Computers using RSYNC and NetWare 6.5
Gary Childers (Mr. RSYNC) explains another cool use for RSYNC. This time he tells how to use it to backup data from a Windows XP laptop to a NetWare 6.5 server.

09 Dec 2004
Distribute Service Packs and Corporate Documents using RSYNC
Gary Childers explains another use for RSYNC outside of Nterprise Branch Office. He uses it to push patches and standardized corporate documents from a central server to his remote servers.

17 Nov 2004
Using RSYNC in Data Backup Solution
Gary Childers explains how he uses Rsync outside of Nterprise Branch Office for a data backup solution, so that he wouldn't need to perform tape backups at remote office locations.

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