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Peter Van den Wildenbergh
Senior Linux Administrator

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A Bit About Peter

Peter Van den Wildenbergh is a Senior Linux Administrator and a long time Linux advocate, residing in the Calgary area (AB, Canada). As a solution provider he specializes in seamlessly integrating open source and Linux solutions in existing environments. Sharing experiences with Linux peers and mentoring newbies is a hobby. All the articles are based on real world experiences; hopefully you enjoy them. Constructive feedback is always appreciated.

The Complete Works of Peter

26 Jul 2006
How to Configure a 1X Aircard on a Laptop with SUSE 10.1
Peter Van den Wildenbergh provides instructions on how to configure a 1vEV-DO PC Card & SUSE 10.1 on a laptop.

17 May 2006
Generating PDFs with Alambic
Although everybody has access to OpenOffice most of the users I deal with are stuck with a word processor, spreadsheet or any other application that is not capable of producing a PDF version of their documents without external tools. This shortcoming has been recognized by many, both commercial and non-commercial solutions are available. As a die-hard Linux fan I went with a GPL'ed solution that can be tweaked if needed.

03 Apr 2006
Novell Linux Client Tricks
Peter Van den Wildenbergh shows some slick ways to log in to the Novell Client for Linux using some of his own scripts.

27 Feb 2006
Setting up a SUSE Linux 10 PC as an answering and fax machine.
Many small businesses and startups don't have the resources that the big companies have, like a dedicated receptionist or a 24/7 call centre. But with the help of some technology and good taste you can get a long way to help your (potential) customers when you are out of the office.

15 Dec 2005
Three-Screen Xinerama on SUSE Linux 10 - cheap
Want a nice multiple-monitor workstation? This great article by Peter Van den Wildenbergh will open your eyes to some great possibilities.

03 Nov 2005
Compiling Kernel Drivers for SUSE 10 By Example
Peter Van den Wildenbergh explains how to compile kernel modules, and gives a great explanation through the example of setting up a Logitech Quickcam.

25 Oct 2005
Installing the Latest (As of Oct 2005) FreeNX Server on Novell Linux products
Move over VNC, FreeNX is taking the stage. If you have ever wondered if there's anything better than VNC for remote desktop access - there is. Peter Van den Wildenbergh does a great job of explaining how to get FreeNX configure to work on Novell Linux products.

16 Mar 2005
Auto-mounting of Drives during Linux Login
Here's a tip from author Peter Van den Wildenbergh that adds user access to shared drives on an NDS volume, right from your Linux desktop.

17 Nov 2004
AppNote: Integrating NDS in K12LTSP
Here's a nifty article contributed by CriticalControl Solutions (Canada), a leading IT solutions proivider. Find out how to authenticate LTS users against an NDS server and mount NDS homes as Linux homes on the LTS.

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