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05 Jan 2006
Automated Server-based Deployment of ZENworks Desktop Management 7
Typically, when administrators want to install ZENworks Desktop Management 7 to a given Server, they need to launch the ZDM7 Installer, select the server, and select the component they wish to install. The time involved can be anywhere between half an hour and two hours -- and sometimes even more. Multiply that by hundreds of servers and many patches, and the costs to your business can skyrocket. This white paper addresses all of these concerns by showing how a pre-built ZENworks Server Management Complied Package (CPK) can be used to deploy ZENworks Desktop Management 7 software.

05 Jan 2006
The main CPK for installing ZDM7

05 Jan 2006
ZW Desktop Management 7 Deployment
Automated server-based deployment of ZENworks Desktop Management 7.

12 Dec 2005
The source package to allow customers to rebuild the CPK for their own needs.

08 Dec 2005
Using NAL XML Reporting to report on ZENworks Imaging
In today's business environment, when a user's desktop needs to be rebuilt, in most cases strict Service Level Agreements will need to be adhered to, in order to ensure that the desktop management team are meeting or exceeding those SLAs. This has been a challenge since the ZENworks Imaging environment runs within a PreBoot (PXE) Linux environment. Peter Lambrechtsen shares a very Cool Solution, complete with a Free Tool, that simplifies the process.

08 Dec 2005
ZENworks XML Reporting
Use NAL XML Reporting to report on ZENworks Imaging.

03 Nov 1999
Getting Excessive Tree Walking with ZENworks and don't know why?
This entry was awarded 1st Prize by the judges of the ZENworks Tip Contest. Peter is a Technical Support Engineer in EMEA - NTS, Netherlands.

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