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11 Dec 2002
Exist 1.0a
Check for the existence of a file in a script.

17 Apr 2002
Show server connections.

11 Apr 2002
Creates an attention-getting message box from the login-script.

11 Apr 2002
Screensaver for locking workstation.

11 Apr 2002
Adjust BroadCast mode with this tool that replaces send.exe. Works over IP.

11 Apr 2002
Check the value of environment vars and return an errorlevel in ZENworks scripts for debugging purposes.

13 Jun 2001
Find out how an application is called.

13 Jun 2001
Finding Out How an App is Called
Updated: If you ever want to find out how NAL calls an app or how any app is called, try this. Args.exe is a small stub that can be used instead of the real program. It just prints out all the command line arguments, waits for a key and exits.

12 Apr 2001
Programmatically Creating an Internet Shortcut
Come see how to create an internet shortcut from within ZEN, courtesy of the splendidly generous Anders Gustafsson.

10 Jan 2001
Enforce the Same Screensaver Password on Multiple PCs
Someone asked if there is a way to enforce the same screensaver passwords on a number of PCs. Well, there is!

20 Dec 2000
Invoking Windows Screensaver with NT4Lock
This is an application to invoke the NT4, Windows 9.x, or Win2000 screensaver.

13 Sep 2000
Setting a Screensaver in WinNT/2000
This is a sample AXT to show how to set a screensaver on NT/2000 and to put the user's CN as text

06 May 1999
Parse Accounting Info
Parse accounting info on a NetWare server.

03 Mar 1999
AppNote Tool: Sample Files for Distributing Netscape Navigator Using ZENworks
Use ZENworks to distribute personalized copies of Netscape Navigator.

29 Dec 1998
Short paper on how to track what ZENworks installs, where and when.

14 Nov 1998
Screensaver Password AOT
Synchronize Screensaver password with NDS.

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