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R Anupkumar
Senior Software Engineer

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08 Aug 2007
Configuring Single Sign On for iFolder 3.6 Server Web Access using Novell Access Manager
This AppNote from R Anupkumar helps you implement single sign-on for Web access of the iFolder server.

03 Aug 2005
Handling NSL Single-Sign-on for Upgraded Windows Apps
If a Windows application you've been using gets upgraded, and its Login window is modified to provide a new look and feel, SecureLogin might fail to handle it correctly. Here's a solution.

05 May 2005
Solving Single Sign-on Issues on a Re-constructed Web Site
Cool Solutions contributor R AnupKumar checks in with a helpful tip on getting SecureLogin to handle re-constructed web sites. Check it out - a "thumbs-up" article!

29 Apr 2004
AppNote: VPN behind NAT
Here's a new BorderManager AppNote that helps you deploy the NBM 3.8 VPN Server behind NAT. Includes diagrams, screen shots, configuration steps and more ...

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