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Aruna Kumari
Senior Software Engineer

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11 Jul 2007
Configuring Secure Identity Federation in Novell Access Manager
This AppNote from Aruna Kumari explains Identity Federation and how to get it configured securely in Novell Access Manager.

20 Dec 2006
Deploying Novell BorderManager 3.8 as a Virtual Host in a VMware Environment
This AppNote by Aruna Kumari and Gaurav Vaidya helps you install and run BorderManager on the VMware platform, in a variety of helpful scenarios.

15 Sep 2005
AppNote: Interoperation Guide - VPN Tracker and NBM 3.8.4 Server
This AppNote from Aruna Kumari explains how to use the MAC OS VPN Tracker client with NBM in PSK mode, Extended Authentication (XAUTH) PSK mode, and Certificate mode.

27 Jul 2005
Installing BorderManager Support Packs
Cool SOlutions contributor Aruna Kumari checks in with a helpful article on how to work around problems with NBM Support Pack installation.

05 Jul 2005
Mounting NetWare Volumes On NLD Illustrated
Nowadays heterogeneous networks are common scenario everywhere. And with NLD being placed in between, any user in the network would have necessity of accessing their NetWare servers for one or the other need. Using built in command ncpmount any user can mount Netware Volumes on NLD. The cool solution is intended to explain mounting NetWare Volumes on NLD.

29 Apr 2004
AppNote: VPN behind NAT
Here's a new BorderManager AppNote that helps you deploy the NBM 3.8 VPN Server behind NAT. Includes diagrams, screen shots, configuration steps and more ...

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