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Bryan Keadle
(a.k.a .BATman) - MCNE / LPI-1 / MCP / CLJ

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A Bit About Bryan

Bryan is a Systems Engineer for the Village of Palatine (municipal government); a Novell / NetWare advocate since 1993. Many of his free utilities are created using WinBatch scripting language; most of them are command-line "enabled" for the purpose of automating tasks. His expertise is in the area of desktop/server standardization and desktop/server automation and administration tips and tricks. He understands and appreciates the demands of network administrators and help desk people, and is challenged to make their jobs easier if not "cOOler"! He welcomes comments and suggestions for other utility ideas and enjoys helping others do their jobs better, quicker, and/or easier.

The Complete Works of Bryan

15 Jan 2008
Network login/logout utility
Provides easy access to the Novell network login interface.

24 Oct 2007
This utility enables you to run a program in a specified window and wait state.

12 Oct 2007
GetScreenRes 1.0
Utility that will create registry keys and temporary files to indicate a person's current screen resolution.

10 Oct 2007
Using ECHO in NCFs
Bryan Keadle shares a tip that will help you get the screen-echo functionality working in NetWare 6.5.

10 Oct 2007
DesktopClean 2.5
Scans local desktop, moves files to a specified network path, then creates shortcuts to moved files on desktop.

21 Sep 2007
Network Configuration Command-line Control
Updated: Simplified syntax for using netsh.exe.

18 Sep 2007
Creating an Annual, Recurring Event in GroupWise
Bryan Keadle shares a handy solution for creating annual GroupWise events, such as birthdays and anniversaries.

05 Sep 2007
Easily report, sort, and trend on user's email statistics, mailbox sizes, and space taken by attachments.

04 Sep 2007
ABENDLogFilter Utility
This utility rewrites the ABEND.LOG into a more readable and useful format.

08 Aug 2007
Scheduling eDirectory Backups
Bryan Keadle shares a handy script and explanation for how to easily get a backup of a server NDS.

11 Jul 2007
This tool will parse a GWCheck log file into a more readable comma-delimited file.

08 Jun 2007
Using Redirect Links to Consolidate and Simplify Access to Management Links
Bryan Keadle shows you an easy way to keep track of your web-based management tools and pages.

25 Apr 2007
Expiring Passwords En Masse
In an emergency, how would you expire passwords immediately? This tip from Bryan Keadle will point you in the right direction ...

18 Apr 2007
Open Call - Tracking Admin-Level Passwords
So how are you handling admin-level passwords in your organization? Inquiring minds - including Bryan Keadle - want to know ...

30 Mar 2007
Saving NDPS Database Prior to Downing/Reloading the NDPS Manager
Bryan Keadle shares a tip on how to backup any changes you make during the day to NDPS/iPrint so you won't lose them in case the database is corrupted.

01 Mar 2007
Automatic Print Screen Trick
Bryan Keadle shares a cool tip on how he uses the automatic print screen feature of a free PrintScreen utility.

19 Jan 2007
Restart NDPS Manager Without Having to Unload and Reload It
Did you know you can restart your NDPS Manager *without* having to unload it and reload it? Check out this new tip from Bryan Keadle and learn how.

19 Jan 2007
Moving and Resubmitting NDPS Print Jobs
Bryan Keadle shares a solution on how to "resubmit" print jobs (files) so that they will print.

03 Jan 2007
Filtering Server Objects with ConsoleOne
Cool Solutions contributor Bryan Keadle shares a tip that helps you quickly find the server objects you need in ConsoleOne.

14 Nov 2006
A BetterCommand Prompt
Here's a quick little tip from Bryan Keadle that is helpful when working with mapped drives at the command prompt.

14 Nov 2006
(R)emove (L)anguage (D)irectories
Free up space on SYS: volume.

13 Nov 2006
Clean up old/invalid DNS entries en masse.

14 Sep 2006
Share Your PXE Boot Menus
Download additional PXE Boot menus and share your own creative PXE Boot menus here. We'll send you a t-shirt for your contribution!

08 Sep 2006
Create custom PXE menus.

07 Sep 2006
An easy way to schedule to prune files based on age.

07 Sep 2006
Multi-level, Colorful and "Jazzy" PXE Boot Menus Made Easy
Being bent on making the PXE boot menu "pretty", and easy to modify, Bryan Keadle came up with a "PXE development environment" that lets you easily, and *QUICKLY* develop the PXE boot menu. Contained in the downloadable package with this article are a couple tools to make building your PXE menu an easy few steps. Enjoy!

07 Sep 2006
Why you might want to have iFolder 2.x and iFolder 3.x Coexist
Bryan Keadle shares a cool reason why you may want to keep both iFolder 2.x and iFolder 3.x running in your environment.

30 Aug 2006
Setting Up a SUSE PXE Installation Server in an Existing NetWare Environment
Bryan Keadle has provided some instructions for getting a working PXE-based installation server for your SUSE deployments in your existing NetWare environment.

11 Aug 2006
Virtual CD Distribution
"Export" one or more NAL objects to removable media (CD, USB).

15 Jun 2006
DisableClose and ShowDesktop
Prevent users from closing the windows that are running scripts.

12 May 2006
Support a Standard Load.

28 Apr 2006
Refresh NAL Automatically
Frequent contributor Bryan Keadle shares a nice little tip that could save you some time.

20 Mar 2006
Temporarily remove policy restrictions, do what needs to be done, then put the policy restrictions back...all without a reboot!

08 Dec 2005
Force Uninstall Application Object on Next Launch
How to force an uninstall of the application on next use for users that already have installed the application, while still hiding it from those members of the associated group who haven't launched the application yet - but still keep the current object so I *could* easily just turn it back on in the future.

17 Nov 2005
Clean up local Windows user accounts (profile directory and SAM) from the command line.

09 Nov 2005
Windows Service Descriptions
Identify what services may have been added, or services that have changed from their normal status on your Windows machine.

04 Nov 2005
Make your IE Favorites consistent across all your different computers with no effort.

03 Nov 2005
Identifying Windows Services Issues
Have you ever tried to troubleshoot a Windows machine's SERVICES by trying to identify what services may have been added (spyware, non-standard software), or services that have changed from their normal status? Bryan Keadle shares a great idea to save lots of time and frustration.

25 Oct 2005
Using GroupWise to Collect Info for Status Reports
Do you have to (semi) regularly submit a status report to the Powers That Be? Do you have trouble keeping track of all the various tasks and projects that you've completed or are working on because it's all a blur (multi-tasking!)? Wouldn't it be nice to have a way to jog your memory of items that may be pertinent to your status report? Read on.

10 Oct 2005
Tip: Move GroupWise User's Word List to their Profile Directory
Bryan Keadle shares a batch file he created that will move the default user word list from C:\ to the user's profile directory.

28 Sep 2005
Free up SYS: volume space.

27 Sep 2005
Use Excel to manage GroupWise address books.

10 May 2005
Distribute a program, and hide the window(s) it creates.

05 May 2005
Identifying iFolder Connections
Bryan Keadle needed a way to identify their active iFolder connections including the DNS or IP address of the active connections. Here's how he did it.

14 Apr 2005
Spice up the My Computer icon
Customize your My Computer icon to your liking.

06 Apr 2005
System Tray indicator for directory monitoring.

06 Apr 2005
A utility for running programs on a schedule.

06 Apr 2005
Run a program only if the program has updated.

09 Mar 2005
Add email notifications to your batch files.

07 Mar 2005
Search your path for named file(s).

02 Mar 2005
Enhanced Windows Message Boxes from the Command Line.

17 Feb 2005
Cleaning up Sent Items...Automatically!
Bryan Keadle shares a tip on how to create a rule that will delete Sent Items that are older than 90 days.

15 Feb 2005
Remote Control without VPN
Bryan Keadle chimed in with a better answer to an earlier Q&A. Check it out. Another goodie from Bryan.

09 Feb 2005
Date/time stamp log entries
Generate log entries with a date and time stamp.

03 Feb 2005
Help users by changing drive icons to reflect the drive letter.

01 Feb 2005
Dress up the Drive Icons for Windows Explorer Users
If your Windows Explorer users have trouble when you say things like "select your H drive," here's a nifty little tool that will create drive icons that even the most innocent of endusers can use.

15 Jan 2005
Enhanced Windows Message Boxes from the Command Line
Bryan Keadle also needed a way to indicate that a NAL object was in the process of an install. Come see how he did it and download his free command line utility.

01 Jan 2005
SETUP.EXE Command Line Switches, and a Special Trick
Installing applications via an .MSI is handy when you can make a transform file (.MST) to modify the way the install behaves. However, some programs use SETUP.EXE to install, which might point to an .MSI, but you can't create a transform file for them (older MSI technology?). Bryan Keadle shares his solution.

16 Dec 2004
Cool Tool: GWAttachmentStats
Bryan Keadle shares a new tool that will easily report, sort, and trend on your GroupWise user's email statistics, mailbox sizes, and space taken by attachments. Download a free copy here!

24 Nov 2004
Cool Tool: IPPortCheck
Check out this cool tool from Bryan Keadle that you can use to test firewall configurations or reach a particular service on a host. Find out more and download a free copy here.

22 Nov 2004
Command line tool to test for alive (or listening) TCP ports.

09 Sep 2004
Office User Information
Populate Microsoft Office User Information from user's eDirectory attributes.

06 May 1999
Intercept program calls and show the command line parameters.

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