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11 Jan 2005
Small Business Suite Server Configuration Worksheet
If you're getting ready to deploy Novell Small Business Suite, take a look at this handy server configuration worksheet provided by Novell Documentation.

21 Oct 2004
Comparing the GroupWise Clients
GroupWise has three different clients for the various platforms that it supports. Mark Moulder has provided a detailed list that compares the tasks that can be performed in each client.

16 Mar 2004
Helpful SecureLogin TIDs
Here's a list of popular and useful TIDs -- hand picked by the documentation team -- that have proven to help with issues ranging from registry keys to 16-bit Windows workstations to Citrix. Enjoy!

27 Oct 2003
Creating Corporate Scripts for SecureLogin
If you've ever thought about setting up a single script that could make life easier for all your users, maybe the corporate script is what you need. Check out this piece by Novell's documentation team.

27 Oct 2003
SecureLogin Script Command Quick Reference
Here's a reference that deserves a bookmark under the "Cool SecureLogin References" tab. It lists all kinds of trivia about each of the commands available in SecureLogin's scripting language.

20 Oct 2003
DirXML Admin Guide Updated to Include Partition, Replica Info
Heads Up: The documentation team has added a new section to the DirXML Administration Guide that includes new information on partitions, replicas, and other things to consider whenplanning your implementation.

15 Jan 2003
Synchronizing Passwords in a Multi-Tree Environment
Here's a fresh piece from the documentation team that's packed with some terrific info about setting up your eDirectory trees to exchange password information.

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