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A Bit About Advansys

Advansys®, founded in 1989, is a Novell® Technology partner with over 12-years experience in developing specialized GroupWise® third party products, such as Advansys FormativTM - Novell GroupWise Client Extender and Archive To GoTM - Mailbox Exporter for GroupWise. Designed for individual and enterprise use, Advansys offers powerful solutions and tools to extend and enhance GroupWise.

The Complete Works of Advansys

21 May 2007
Formativ Applet: iCal Solution
Share appointments with people using other collaboration software, such as Microsoft Outlook.

21 May 2007
Formativ Applet: Delete Attachments From Selected Messages
Remove attachments from received messages, minimizing the space required to store your GroupWise data.

21 May 2007
Formativ Applet: Print Message
Print a selected GroupWise message and attachment listing.

13 Mar 2007
Advansys Upgrades Archive To Go: The Mailbox Exporter for GroupWise
Find out how new options let enterprises export personal archives to an independent format. Archive To Go Viewer reads, forwards and replies to exported messages without the need for the GroupWise client.

16 Jan 2007
Advansys Introduces GroupWise Resource Archive To Go
Update: The amazing FREE vat of accumulated GroupWise knowledge, presented by our partners at Advansys, now includes the NGWList and GW Cool Solutions digest and weekly emails until October29, 2007.

28 Nov 2006
Formativ Applet: Export GroupWise Appointments into Excel
Export GroupWise appointments within a user specified date range into an MS Excel spreadsheet. *Updated release, 11/28/06.

08 Aug 2006
Formativ Applet Central
Download free Formativ solutions to keep expanding the functionality of your GroupWise client. NEW: Version 2.0.3 of Personal Outlook Migration Pack now supports the migration of an Outlook contact's middle name, suffix and prefix parameters.

07 Aug 2006
Formativ Applet: Personal Outlook Migration Pack 2.0.3
Migrate Outlook emails, notes, tasks, appointments and contacts into GroupWise. A roll-back feature is included, which allows you to remove migrated items.

01 Aug 2006
GroupWise Resource Archive
An invaluable source of GroupWise information.

14 Feb 2006
Success Story - NSW Parliament Uses Advansys for GroupWise Mail Export
Thousands of emails are just too many to print! Learn how the New South Wales Parliament used Archive to Go from Advansys to transfer e-mail quickly and effectively.

29 Dec 2005
Advansys Releases Formativ Update for GroupWise 7
Heads Up: Advansys has released version 2.0.1 of Formativ - Novell GroupWise Client Extender, which gives users the unique ability to quickly and easily extend the GroupWise client. Check it out.

08 Dec 2005
Advansys Formativ used to assist victims of Hurricane Katrina
Many of us are familiar with the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina and subsequent hurricanes in the Gulf Coast region. Come see how one organization utilized its GroupWise newsletter system to call for help from its thousands of participants and members.

08 Nov 2005
Archive To Go for Novell GroupWise ships
Archive To Go moves GroupWise data from expired mailboxes to CD/DVD or Disk for storage and access. GroupWise client not needed for accessing.

28 Sep 2005
Cardiff University's Success with Formativ and GroupWise
Stephen Kennedy, Senior IT Engineer at Cardiff, found that providing for the broad range of GroupWise user and department needs was not easy. The Helpdesk was receiving an overwhelming number of inquiries for expanding the capabilities of GroupWise in a wide variety of ways that would make people more efficient. Come see why they selected Formativ to help them meet their customization goals.

20 Sep 2005
German Television and Radio Broadcasting Company looks to extend GroupWise Client
For large and small companies alike, the tasks of maximizing return on investment and increasing efficiency are on top of the priority list. Hessischer Rundfunk, or hr, a radio and TV broadcasting company from Germany, is no different. Specifically, hr is concerned about maximizing the return on investment of their IT infrastructure and providing solutions that exploit efficiency. Come see how they did it.

15 Sep 2005
Preview Beta available: Archive To Go
This week Advansys released the preview beta of a new administrator tool, Archive To Go, a mailbox exporter for GroupWise. This tool lets you make a portable snapshot of a GroupWise account for a departing user, rationalizing inactive accounts, legal discovery or additional backup. Worth a look.

07 Sep 2005
Success with Advansys - Custom-R-Tools
Advansys shares a success story illustrating how Custom-R-Tools used Formativ to extend GroupWise for Alpha Groep, an international textiles and trading company in the Netherlands. Alpha Groep employees now enjoy press button integration between GroupWise and their corporate CRM application. To learn how it was done, read the full story here.

04 Aug 2005
Enterprise Calendar Dates 1.1
Advansys is pleased to announce the release of Enterprise Calendar Dates 1.1, which makes it even easier for administrators to populate team and organization-wide calendars. Find out more and download a free 30-day trial here.

07 Jul 2005
Advansys Enterprise Proxy 1.1
Advansys is pleased to announce the release of Enterprise Proxy 1.1, which makes it even easier for administrators to audit and secure GroupWise Proxy Access rights quickly for individual or multiple users across the organization. Find out more.

30 Jun 2005
Formativ Applet: Emoticons for GroupWise
A visual way to show how you feel when words just aren't enough. Updated: An additional 24 cool emoticons have been added to the default installation.

02 Jun 2005
Formativ Applet: Default HTML Font Properties
Now GroupWise can remember your favorite corporate or personal HTML message font color.

19 May 2005
Advansys Enterprise Series Solutions Updates
This week Advansys released updates for their Enterprise series solutions for GroupWise Administrators. Get the details here.

28 Apr 2005
Formativ Applet: Modify Posted Task Dates
Applet that allows you to select multiple posted tasks and reassign their start and end dates in one simple step.

31 Mar 2005
Formativ TUT333 BrainShare Session Example Source Code
Advansys has made available the Formativ source code for their TUT333 BrainShare session examples, which illustrate programming techniques for extending the GroupWise client. Download it here.

10 Mar 2005
Formativ Applet: Remind Me
Create automatic reminder messages in your GroupWise account

03 Feb 2005
Formativ Applet: Attachment Checker Solution
Have you ever sent an email message to someone without that important file you stated was attached? The Attachment Checker is a free solution from Advansys which will help avoid those embarrassing and potentially costly omissions. Download it here!

03 Feb 2005
Formativ Applet: Attachment Checker Solution
Scans message for phrases that infer you meant to add an attachment. If phrase found, but no attachments are present, it asks if you forgot to add an attachment.

22 Dec 2004
Formativ Applet: Outlook Reply Solution
The Outlook Reply solution inserts Outlook-style reply text into email messages when replying or forwarding.

16 Dec 2004
Formativ Applet: No Junk Mail
No Junk Mail prevents spam from reaching your mailbox.

02 Dec 2004
Formativ Applet: Today View Solution
Add new calendar views to GroupWise

11 Nov 2004
Advansys Formativ 2.0: One Stop Solutions For GroupWise
Advansys announces the availability of Advansys Formativ 2.0, a one-stop product suite for running, creating and managing solutions which enhance and extend Novell GroupWise. Version 2.0 offers the most comprehensive range of ready-to-use solutions and development tools for customizing GroupWise quickly and easily. Find out more and download a 30-day trial version today!

21 Apr 2004
Formativ Applet: Send Welcome Message
Sends a welcome message to new users to GroupWise.

21 Apr 2004
Formativ Applet: Mailbox View
Choose to display all messages or just those which are either unread or which have attachments.

21 Apr 2004
Formativ Applet: Enable or Disable Document Management Example
Enable or disable GroupWise 6 Document Management menus and functions.

11 Mar 2004
Advansys Formativ at CCSU - Developer Success Story
Read how the New South Wales Department of Commerce - CCSU is using Advansys Formativ and GroupWise to roll out a centralized incident and request management process for all CCSU client agencies and staff.

18 Sep 2003
Formativ Applet: Insert Attachment List
Inserts an attachment listing at the end of the body text of the current message.

03 Sep 2003
Document Management System Meta Data Export
Export Document Management system meta data for a selected GroupWise library.

28 Jul 2003
Export to Disk - Formativ Applet
Save items selected in a GroupWise folder to a user-designated directory on disk.

23 Jul 2003
Formativ Applet: CSV Address Book Importer
Enables the import of CSV files into a GroupWise Personal Address Book.

10 Jul 2003
Formativ Applet: Quick Proxy Rights
Quick customization and assignment of current GroupWise account proxy rights to all users in a selected GroupWise address book.

25 Jun 2003
Quick Send
Sends one copy of the current open email message to each recipient email address stored in a flat text file.

05 Jun 2003
Export Proxy Details
Export details of your proxy accounts to a CSV file.

21 May 2003
Web Browser
Add a generic web browser window to the GroupWise client to display any valid Internet or Intranet URL.

07 May 2003
Export Address Book Group Members to CSV
Exports Address Book Group membership details to a CSV file.

10 Apr 2003
Mailbox Cleanup
Reduce your mailbox size by deleting/moving messages from your account within a given date range.

26 Mar 2003
Formative Applet: Conditions of Use
A solution example which enforces an organization's Terms and Conditions of Use for the GroupWise system.

20 Mar 2003
Formativ Applet: Customize Startup Folder
Specify which GroupWise folder should be selected upon startup.

11 Mar 2003
SQL Example
Find records in a sample database and display the results in a Formativ portal.

05 Mar 2003
Advansys Formativ Helps Klagenfurt University Leverage GroupWise
Thanks to Advansys Formativ and GroupWise 6, Klagenfurt University administrators, staff and faculty now enjoy faster procurement times and greatly improved order handling procedures that are easy to understand and use. Read this success story for more information.

12 Feb 2003
Remove Duplicate Address Book Entries
Removes duplicate entries from a personal address book.

22 Jan 2003
Formativ Applet: Filing Assistant Solution
Helps keep your email organized by moving one or more selected messages to folders based on the sender's domain name.

15 Jan 2003
Formativ Applet: Set Reply Status
Set the reply status for the selected message.

08 Jan 2003
Formativ Applet: Extract NGW Digest Messages
Extracts all individual messages received in single 'digest' form from the NGW Digest listserver.

18 Dec 2002
Formativ Applet: Mailbox Statistics
Produce a statistical report on the volume of messages you sent and received during a user-specified period.

11 Dec 2002
Formativ Applet: Add URLs to Message
Easily insert Web site references (URLs) into a message you're creating.

04 Dec 2002
Formativ Applet: Categories
Assign any GroupWisemessage to one or more user-defined categories and use the 'Category View' applet to view and manage all items you have associated with categories.

27 Nov 2002
Formativ Applet: View Sent Items
Change the folder view withthe click of a button to temporarily display only the sent items within that folder.

30 Oct 2002
Formativ Applet: Copy FromText to Clipboard
Copies the FromText field ofa selected GroupWise message to the Windows clipboard.

16 Oct 2002
Formativ Applet: Accounting Codes System Example
Accounting codes to appointments in GroupWise.

02 Oct 2002
Formativ Applet: Publish Distribution List
List members of the selected GroupWise distribution list in a Formativ 1.5 portal.

24 Sep 2002
Formativ Applet: Import Excel Data into an Address Book
Import Microsoft Excel spreadsheet data into an address book.

18 Sep 2002
Formativ Applet: White Pages
Creates a 'White Pages' view of a GroupWise address book.

11 Sep 2002
Formativ Applet: Add Signature
Add an HTML or plain text signature to a message at the current cursor position.

04 Sep 2002
Formativ Applet: Create Task with Selected Message
Create a posted task and add the selected message as an attachment.

20 Jun 2002
Formativ Applet: Find Records in Access Database
Example of how to read information froman Access database.

08 May 2002
Formativ Applet: Save Message and Attachments
Allows you to save the selected message and its attachments into a folder.

01 May 2002
Applet Focus: DWS Go to Sender's Web Page
If you receive an email from someone you do not know, before replying, you may wish understand a little more about the sender. Check out this new cool Formativ applet written by Dave Strickler, that allows you to look at a sender's web page just from their Domain name at the click of a button!

01 May 2002
Formativ Applet: Run Program via Shell Method
This applet demonstrates the Windows Shell code.

01 May 2002
Formativ Applet: Read Novell eDirectory Example
Read user phone numbers out of eDirectory using Formativ.

24 Apr 2002
Formativ Applet: Switch View Mode
A convenient right mouse context menu toggle between text/HTML view mode.

24 Apr 2002
Formativ Applet: Sort Folders
Sorts the GroupWise folders and sub folders by ascending or descending order.

24 Apr 2002
Formativ Applet: Message Classification
Allows the user to categorize existing email messages as either 'Official' or 'Unofficial'.

24 Apr 2002
Formativ Applet: Insert Quote Marks
Insert a quote from another area of a GroupWise message.

24 Apr 2002
Formativ Applet: Create GroupWise Filter
Displays or hides items based on the criteria that you specify.

24 Apr 2002
Formativ Applet: Create Anniversaries
Create recurring anniversary entries on the same day every year.

24 Apr 2002
Formativ Applet: Address Mail from Selected Items
Automatically create a new email message addressed to the senders of selected email messages.

24 Apr 2002
Formativ Applet: Address Book Entry to Clipboard
Copy address book entry to the windows clipboard.

24 Apr 2002
Formativ Applet: Add Sender Addresses to Address Book
Add sender and recipient email addresses from selected messages into an address book.

24 Apr 2002
Formativ Applet: Add Entry to Address Book
Add sender details of a selected email message into an address book of your choice.

21 Dec 2001
Advansys Formativ - A Cool GroupWise Solution
GroupWise macros are back (yes, you heard that right), in the form of exceptionally powerful Formativ 'applets' from our cool Australian partners. Advansys Formativ provides a fast and easy method for tailoring GroupWise to meet your specific requirements.

20 Dec 2001
Advansys Formativ - A Cool GroupWise Solution
GroupWise macros are back (yes, you heard that right), in the form of exceptionally powerful Formativ 'applets' from our cool Australian partners. Advansys Formativ provides a fast and easy method for tailoring GroupWise to meet your specific requirements.

20 Dec 2001
Applet Focus: Formativ Multiple Signatures
Lots of you have written asking for ways to create signatures that contain formatted text, graphics (such as scanned signatures and company logos) and HTML. Read this week's Applet Focus on 'Multiple Signatures' and learn how our partners at Advansys have made this possible.

12 Dec 2001
Advansys Formativ
Advansys Formativ is a great new tool for the GroupWise community. Formativ offers a new GroupWise development environment that includes applet creation, simplified GroupWise programming and extensive 'point and click' applet integration capabilities with the GroupWise client. Check it out.

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