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14 Oct 2004
Cool Tip: How to add the Quota Display in WebAccess
Updated: Here is a way to make your GroupWise WebAccess users happy. If you have implemented quotas, you can modify the default templates to have WebAccess display how much of their quota is currently in use. Brian Anderson shows you how. (Updated with a new suggestion from Phil Henderson).

20 Nov 2003
Using XP Remote Desktop Assistance with GroupWise
Brian Anderson shares a tip on how to get the Windows XP Remote Assistance request feature to work with GroupWise.

04 Sep 2003
Modify WebAccess Template to Save a Sender's Address
Brian Anderson shares a great tip on how you can modify the WebAccess message item file to add a button that when clicked, will save a sender's address. Check it out!

10 Oct 2002
GW Strip
Strip attachments from incoming/sent messages

12 Jul 2002
GroupWise Calstart
View calendar on GroupWise startup.

10 Jul 2002
Start GroupWise in Calendar View
Brian Anderson sent in a C3PO tool that will allow users to startup GroupWise in the calendar view without the need for desktop shortcuts. Download it here.

30 Jan 2002
WebAccess Tip for WAP Phone Users
Web enabled phones are great - but let's face it - who likes to type on these things. Brian Anderson shares a tip that will allow you easy access to your GroupWise information.

25 Jan 2002
Modifying WebAccess Browser Window Template
Brian Anderson shares a tip on how to add an account name to the WebAccess browser window title bar so users will be able to track which account they are proxied into.

05 Apr 2001
Sending a Welcome Message to New Users
A few weeks ago we posted an Open Call for ideas about how to automatically send a Welcome Message to all the new users you add to your system. Brian Anderson contributed this nice solution.

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