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The Complete Works of GWAVA

04 Dec 2007
Syncsort Signs On to Be a Gold Sponsor at GWAVACon
Novell and GWAVA are pleased to announce that Syncsort will be joining us at GWAVACon. Get the details here ...

27 Nov 2007
GWAVACon Bonus Day: Linux Deep Dive or GWAVA 4 Certification
Space is limited... sign-up soon! You do not want to miss out on a great opportunity for this all day one-on-one, in-depth training at GWAVACon.

13 Nov 2007
SiteScape Signs On to be a Gold Sponsor at GWAVACon
Novell and GWAVA are pleased to announce that SiteScape will be joining us at GWAVACon. Get the details here ...

30 Oct 2007
Vertigo Released at GWAVACon Berlin
Vertigo, GWAVA's Key GroupWise Management Console was released at GWAVACon Berlin this past week. Although currently Vertigo has a limited feature set, it will increase after the release of Novell SP3.

16 Oct 2007
Reload 2.5 Coming Soon
Reload 2.5 is slated for release in the month of October 2007. Get the details here ...

09 Oct 2007
GWAVA Announces iPod Touch Winner
Over the past few weeks GWAVA has been running a promotion for Reload in the Midwest Region. To win, customers attended a special Midwest Reload webinar. See who the winners are here.

02 Oct 2007
Linux Deep Dive Training with Danita Zanre and SwitchDesk at GWAVACon
GWAVA has added an additional day of training for Linux at GWAVACon. Danita Zanre and SwitchDesk will deliver a full day ramping up on Linux fundamentals and GroupWise 7 on Linux. Register now for this special pre-conference event.

02 Oct 2007
GWAVA Certification Training Hits the Road
Due to an overwhelming demand for its Certification training, GWAVA and BrainStorm are bringing this training to a city near you. Get the details here ...

25 Sep 2007
CBT Installation Training for GWAVA 4
GWAVA in conjunction with BrainStorm has released a CBT training for GWAVA 4 for Free. Get the details here!

18 Sep 2007
GWAVACon Bonus Day Announced
Due to overwhelming demand, GWAVACon has announced a Bonus Day of intense, in-depth training!

18 Sep 2007
GWAVA's Vertigo Will Be Released Late September 2007
Learn more about the upcoming release of GWAVA Vertigo here ...

11 Sep 2007
GWAVACon - The Worlds Largest GroupWise Conference is Taking over Europe
GWAVACon will be in Berlin, Germany on October 20 - 22, 2007. Find out about it here ...

11 Sep 2007
Looking into the Future - Email Archiving and Retention with Retain
Taylor Cochrane, Product Manager for Retain, presents "Looking into the Future - Email Archiving and Retention with Retain" on Wednesday, September 19th at 2:00 PM EST.

28 Aug 2007
Technote: Addressing Agent Configuration in Redline 3
This Technote by Uli Neumann explains how data is collected in Redline and how to troubleshoot agent configuration problems.

28 Aug 2007
GEE Whiz "Dies" in 30 Days
GEE Whiz, an Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus solutions acquired by GWAVA more than two years ago, will stop working on September 30th, 2007. Learn more here ...

21 Aug 2007
The GroupWise Community has spoken: GWAVACon San Diego Announced
After 2 months of voting by the GroupWise Community, this year's GWAVACon will be held in beautiful San Diego, California. Get the details here!

07 Aug 2007
Monitor Memory and Disk Space with Redline 3
Uli Neumann takes you behind the scenes with GWAVA's powerful new version of Redline 3.

17 Jul 2007
GWAVA 4 Released for Download!
On July 11th, GWAVA released GWAVA 4, its flagship GroupWise security product. Find out more about it here ...

03 Jul 2007
Summer 2007 Letter to GWAVA Customers from CEO, Charles Taite
Find out more about the upcoming release of GWAVA 4 for NetWare, and more ...

03 Jul 2007
Always Know When Email is Down - before Your Boss Knows!
GroupWise Monitoring and Reporting, JUST GOT EASIER with Redline 3 - get the details here ...

26 Jun 2007
Solving the GroupWise 7.0.2 Vulnerability - Quickly and Completely
GWAVA's Uli Neumann shares an appraoch to getting large numbers of GroupWise clients updated quickly and easily, with Redline and a few supplied files.

05 Jun 2007
GWAVA Reload and Arnold Schwarzenegger Pay a Visit On The Same Day
Learn how GWAVA Reload saved the day at the State of Utah Governor's office ...

15 May 2007
GroupWise Disaster Recovery - Reload v2 - The Holy Grail of GroupWise
Push Button Disaster Recovery For GroupWise! All organizations must trust their backup and recovery solution to work in time of crisis. Reload from GWAVA earns that trust. Learn about Version 2 of Reload here ...

24 Apr 2007
GWAVA 4 for NetWare Ships May 1st.
GWAVA 4 for NetWare has been a long time coming. But we think the wait is worth it. It officially ships May 1st, ending an extremely successful open beta. Get all the details here.

03 Apr 2007
GWAVACon Now Free, Worldwide
GWAVA, Novell's Largest GroupWise partner, has announced this week that through cooperation with Novell, GWAVACon, the largest independent GroupWise conference is now available free worldwide. Get the details here ...

13 Mar 2007
GWAVA Announces Technical Support for GroupWise
Get the details on the new technical support plan for GroupWise, from GWAVA Technologies.

06 Mar 2007
Product Announcements from GWAVA
Here's the latest info on several great products from GWAVA, including GWAVA 4, Retain, Reload, Redline, and Reveal.

09 Jan 2007
GWAVACon Registrations Surpasses 350 - Free Registration until Jan. 12
Hurry - the deadline for free passes to GWAVACon has been extended to Jan. 12. Find out more here ...

09 Jan 2007
John Dragoon, Novell's Chief Marketing Officer, Speaks at GWAVACon
John Dragoon, Novell's Chief Marketing Officer, will deliver the keynote address on Monday morning at GWAVACon. Get the details here ...

02 Jan 2007
GWAVA Releases GWAVA 3.7 / John Dragoon Speaks at GWAVACon
GWAVA has released GWAVA 3.7 in response to the on going spam storm sweeping the Internet. Also, John Dragoon, Novell's Chief Marketing Officer, will deliver the keynote presentation at GWAVACon Dallas January 21st, 2007. Get the details here ...

19 Dec 2006
GroupWise Customers and Partners Invited to GWAVACon Dallas
Get the latest details on the upcoming GWAVACon conference in Dallas.

12 Dec 2006
This article by GWAVA CTO Charles Taite gives you an inside look at the new generation of spam and how it can be kept under control with new technology advances.

12 Dec 2006
John Dragoon to Deliver Keynote at GWAVACon Dallas; Blackberry Provides 200 Free Passes
John Dragoon, Novell's Chief Marketing Officer, will deliver the keynote presentation at GWAVACon Dallas January 21st, 2007. Also, Blackberry is making 200 more passes available for GWAVACon Dallas. Learn more here ...

05 Dec 2006
Blackberry Makes 200 More Passes Available for GWAVACon Dallas
Find out how you can take advantage of this great offer here ...

05 Dec 2006
Wondering about the Future of GroupWise?
Interested in the new Features and Functionality of the next GroupWise release? What to know what the codename "Bonsai" means? Find out more here ...

21 Nov 2006
Blackberry/RIM Provides 200 Free Passes for GWAVACon Dallas
GWAVACon 2007 Dallas gets a boost from a major sponsor - Blackberry has made another 200 passes available for free. Get the details here.

07 Nov 2006
GWAVACon Dallas Registration Surpasses 100 Delegates in First Few Weeks
The first 150 delegates are free - register today!

31 Oct 2006
Hurry for Free GWAVACon Registration
Here are five more reasons to check out the annual GWAVACon conference!

08 Aug 2006
Free GWAVACon Europe Surpasses 250 Registrants
Check out the details here, and learn how you can get involved ...

01 Aug 2006
Exchange 2007 - Shaking Up Messaging?
Richard Bliss of GWAVA shares some insights on a recent Network World article that exposes the risks of migrating to Exchange 2007.

25 Jul 2006
Free Registration for GWAVACon Surpasses 200 Registrants in First Two Weeks
With more than two months to go before the event, GWAVACon Munich has surpassed the 200 mark in less than two weeks. Find out here how you can join the action ...

18 Jul 2006
GWAVACon Europe to be Largest GroupWise Event in the World
Get the details here on the GWAVACon Europe, with over 60 sessions to choose from.

06 Jun 2006
GWAVA and Nexic Create First Integrated Backup and Archival Service for GroupWise
GroupWise users now have immediate access to backed-up and archived information and can perform immediate data restoration from within the GroupWise client.

30 May 2006
GWAVA Announces Dates for GWAVACon North America
GWAVA today announced the dates and location for GWAVACon North America. The GroupWise 7 conference in Dallas, Texas will provide comprehensive training on all aspects of GroupWise 7 and 3rd-party applications that support GroupWise.

23 May 2006
GWAVA and Nexic Announce Strategic Partnership
Integration between Nexic and GWAVA will provide GroupWise users worldwide with more options in terms integration between archiving and email management and security solutions. Read more about the Nexic and GWAVA partnership here.

23 May 2006
GWAVACon Asia Pacific Attendance Available at No Charge!
RIM launched their Blackberry Enterprise Server at GWAVACon North America 2005. Intellisync and Novell gave the first sneak peak of GroupWise Mobility Server at GWAVACon North America 2006. Now, as Novell prepares to release GroupWise 7 Service Pack 1, GroupWise users are poised to have to most flexible mobile collaboration solution in the world! Read the entire press release here.

07 Mar 2006
GWAVA Announces Dates and Location for GWAVACon Asia Pacific
A GroupWise 7 conference in Sydney, Australia - GWAVACon Asia Pacific - will provide comprehensive training on all aspects of GroupWise 7 and 3rd-party applications that support GroupWise.

02 Mar 2006
Advansys and GWAVA Announce Strategic GroupWise Partnership
The new partnership between Advansys and GWAVA will offer Novell GroupWise users comprehensive email security and management solutions. Get the details here!

28 Feb 2006
GWAVA Announces Release of Reload for GroupWise
GWAVA today announces the release of Reload, the first backup solution to provide single-message restore for GroupWise. Read the Press Release here!

13 Dec 2005
Bugs Everywhere! Sober Virus revisited.
A few weeks ago we ran a story encouraging GroupWise Administrators to run a sweep against their GroupWise Post Office database to look for viruses that had crept into the message store. Here is a follow-up from one organization that followed that advice.

29 Nov 2005
EMAIL Viruses attack Computers Worldwide over Thanksgiving Holiday
Last week during the US Thanksgiving Holiday, a flurry of fast moving viruses attacked computers worldwide. GWAVA strongly recommends updating your anti-virus signature files and then run a virus scan against your GroupWise post offices to determine if your system has been compromised. Here's how you do it.

15 Nov 2005
Partner Announcement: GWAVA and Kaspersky Lab
Heads Up: GWAVA, the worldwide leader for Novell GroupWise management and security solutions, has formed a partnership with Kaspersky Lab that will allow GWAVA to bundle Kaspersky Anti-Virus with the GWAVA scanning engine. Find out more.

25 Oct 2005
Support GroupWise on Linux with Free GroupWise Webaccess Administration Menu - From GWAVA
Tay Kratzer shares his nifty WebAccess Administration Menu - From GWAVA to help make supporting GroupWise on the Linux platform easier.It is a free BASH Shell script that runs on the Linux platform.

17 Aug 2005
Tips to help you stop the Zotob Worm
Although the latest Zotob worm does not spread through email, it may very well be impacting you anyway. Here are a few practical tips to help you stop it from entering your network..

30 Jun 2005
GWAVA Announces Release of Reveal
GWAVA announces the release of Reveal, a desktop solution that provides executives with essential auditing and oversight capabilities that they need within Novell's GroupWise. Find out more.

23 Jun 2005
GWAVA Announces Release of Redline 2.0
GWAVA announces the release of Redline 2.0, a comprehensive monitoring and reporting management solution designed for Novell GroupWise. Read the press release here.

09 Jun 2005
GWAVA Announces Release of GWAVA 3.5
GroupWise users can now enjoy the protection of GWAVA with new features such as an end user spam release tool, a single email spam digest notification enabling users to see all blocked spam, and integrated SURBL anti-spam technology. Read the press release here.

19 May 2005
GWAVA Releases German Spam Quick Fix
GWAVA has released a Quick Fix to combat the recent wave of German Spam. This new update provides information that will allow for effective filtering and prevent the spam from infiltrating GroupWise. Download it here.

12 May 2005
Guinevere 3.0 Now Available
GWAVA announced the newest release of its pioneering anti-spam/anti-virus solution, Guinevere. Guinevere 3.0 builds on the previous success of its predecessor, Guinevere 2.0, with its GWIA scanning capabilities to stop spam and viruses before they reach the GroupWise mailbox. Get all the details here.

14 Apr 2005
Spam Blocking Success by a Guinevere Lover
Cook and Co. is a small financial firm from Alabama. Prior to implementing an anti-spam model, Cook and Co. estimated that they received somewhere around 8,000 emails per day, most of which were spam. Using Guinevere as an integral part of a layered defense model, Cook and Co. successfully decreased spam by 99.889%. Get the details here.

10 Mar 2005
Scanning the GroupWise Message Store for Viruses and Content
Viruses rapidly mutate and new viruses come on the scene quickly. These viruses can often penetrate a perimeter defense before anti-virus vendors can update their signature files. GWAVA has the ability to go back into the GroupWise message store and scan for viruses that may lay dormant or hidden from the perimeter defense. This white paper explains how to search out, find, and destroy this hidden threat.

10 Mar 2005
GWAVA and Omni Announce GroupWise Solution Alliance
GWAVA and Omni recently announced an alignment of their products to offer the global GroupWise community focused solutions. To better serve their GroupWise customers and to eliminate duplication of development and support, GEE Whiz is now part of the GWAVA family of GroupWise security products. Find out more.

30 Dec 2004
Computhink and GWAVA Ensure E-Mail Compliance for GroupWise with the Email Archive Service for GWAVA
The ViewWise Email Archive Service for GWAVA helps your organization address government email retention regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC Rule 17a, and NASD Rule 3010. Get the details here.

21 Oct 2004
Ferris Releases GWAVA and GroupWise Security Research Paper
Ferris recently concluded its research report on GWAVA and GroupWise Security. The results of the report have been made available by GWAVA. Download it here.

29 Jul 2004
WASP: Protecting GroupWise from Viruses through WebAccess
WASP from GWAVA monitors incoming WebAccess attachments and scans them before they enter into your GroupWise system. Find out more about WASP and download a 30-day evaluation version here.

24 Jun 2004
GWAVA recently announced the release and availability of WASP. WASP provides anti-virus protection by scanning for email-born viruses that enter a GroupWise system through the WebAccess Gateway. Find out more.

27 May 2004
GWAVA announced the release and availability of GWAVA 3. GWAVA 3 introduces Smart Blocker for Anti-Spam protection as well as built-in SQL support. Find out more.

06 May 2004
Sky Radio interviews GWAVA's Richard Bliss on using Linux to protect yourself from SPAM
Recently Richard Bliss was interviewed by Sky Radio, discussing Linux and Email and the steps companies can take to introduce Linux into their current environment. He discusses how to use Linux to protect your GroupWise system from Spam and Viruses. Listen to the interview here.

29 Apr 2004
Computhink and GWAVA Ensure E-Mail Compliance for GroupWise
Computhink and GWAVA recently released a new product called "ViewWise E-Mail Archive Service for GWAVA". The ViewWise E-mail Archive Service processes all incoming, outgoing and internal e-mail messages, including attachments, which have been scanned and filtered through GWAVA for GroupWise and archives them into ViewWise. Get the details here.

02 Oct 2003
GWAVA Announces GWAVIX for Linux
At BrainShare Europe, GWAVA announced the release of GWAVIX. GWAVIX is a Linux based Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus solution, that protects GroupWise from inbound junk mail at the SMTP gateway perimeter. Find out more.

22 Aug 2003
Cleaning up after Sobig with GWAVA and GroupWise 6.5
If your GroupWise system has been infected with the Sobig virus there is good news. GWAVA will securely clean and sweep the GroupWise message store at the post office level. Find out more.

21 Aug 2003
New Virus Spreads WorldWide - Sobig-F Virus
If you have been worried about being hit by the Sobig-F virus, you can easily defend your GroupWise servers using GWAVA. If you do not currently own GWAVA, you can download a fully functional eval copy at Find out more.

24 Apr 2003
GWAVASig: Free Utility To Add Disclaimers to Outbound Messages
Beginfinite just released a new free NLM-based utility called GWAVASig that adds a signature or disclaimer to the bottom of all outbound GroupWise messages. Find out more!

24 Mar 2003
GWAVA Small Business Edition Adds Anti-Spam and Content Filtering
Beginfinite recently announced the availability of GWAVA 2.11 Small Business Edition. GWAVA Small Business Edition features include: Anti-Spam heuristics, Anti-File Forgery, Content Filtering and more. Check it out!

12 Mar 2003
GWAVA Guards GroupWise at Northwestern Michigan College
For Northwestern Michigan College's mail system administrator, dealing with viruses and spam is a significant job responsibility. Find out how Beginfinite's GWAVA stops unwanted or virus-infected email from getting to end users in the first place.

12 Feb 2003
How to Block Email to Former Employees
Check out this tip on how you can use GWAVA to create content filters to block all those Postmaster messages you receive for email being sent to employees that no longer work for your company.

12 Dec 2001
GWAVA Makes "Goner" Virus Go Bye-Bye
Read how GWAVA was able to successfully defend Novell GroupWise e-mail systems from the "Goner" virus epidemic. GWAVA saved its customers from hours of downtime and thousands of dollars by thwarting "Goner".

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