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05 Sep 2003
Manage Group Objects without Carpel Tunnel Syndrome using Group It
For administrators who use group memberships for assigning NAL objects, your group management just got a whole lot easier! Check out the eval version of Group It, which will help you automate the creation, migration, and management of your group objects.

19 Jun 2002
Cut Distribution Time In Half
Scott Morris shares a great idea that has helped him reduce application distribution time by 50%.

30 Apr 2002
Keep NAL in Disconnected Mode
By design, NAL will automatically switch from disconnected mode to connected mode if a user authenticates to NDS remotely. If this remote connection is over a dial-up connection, things can be painfully slow if NAL switches to connected mode. Scott Morris shares his cool trick to keep it from switching.

16 Apr 2002
Stop Forcing Large Apps to Remote Users
One drawback with the disconnectable feature of ZEN 3.2 is that if a user remotely authenticates to a server via the VPN, NAL automatically goes into connected mode. Big problem on a slow connection, when the admins are pushing out a big app. Here's a nifty workaround.

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