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Christian Mies

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Christian lives and works in Germany between Cologne and Frankfurt am Main. He's working as a Linux / NetWare Consultant with many skills in Operating Systems, Network Management and Monitoring and Troubleshooting on Open Source and Closed Source Systems. ".. for any problem there will be a solution."

The Complete Works of Christian

23 Aug 2007
NetWare Disk IO Monitoring with Nagios
Nagios Script for Monitoring Novell NetWare Disk IO.

25 Jul 2006
NDPS/iPrint Print Queue Monitoring by Nagios
Monitor Print Queue Size of NDPS or iPP Print Queue on a Linux or NetWare Server.

06 Jul 2006
Nagios and NetWare: SNMP-based Monitoring
Christian Mies shares a solution for NetWare monitoring with Nagios, based on SNMP Get and SNMP Trap.

11 Apr 2006
Check NDS Login ability with Nagios
Used by Nagios to check every configured Server for eDirectory Login.

31 Mar 2006
iPrint Tool
Command utility to install / remove iPrint Printer without any knowledge of iprntcmd.

21 Feb 2006
check_gwiaRL Plugin for Nagios 2.0
Parsing GWIA.XML File created by Redline to get info for Nagios.

02 Jan 2005
AppNote: Updating Client on all Workstations via Login Script
Christian Mies explains how to upgrade all workstations to an updated client version. He did this for a customer with about 200 workstations using a solution that works completely by login script with no interaction from the IT help desk.

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