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Teppo Fahlstedt

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The Complete Works of Teppo

19 Jan 2007
ZENifier 1.0
ZENworks Imaging Addon Tool.

16 Nov 2006
PATCHifier 1.0
Freeware patch organizer/installer.

07 Mar 2006
Improving WebAccess Performance over SSL
SSL slowing you down? Teppo Fahlstedt offers a way to boost performance when using IE and Apache on NetWare, over SSL.

28 Jan 2005
ZENworks Imaging USB v6.5 Update
ZENworks Imaging for USB devices.

23 Nov 2004
ZENworks Imaging for USB devices
Check this out. Teppo Fahlstedt modified ZENworks Imaging 6.5 CD and 4.01.05 CD software to run on USB storage and CDROM devices, and a installer tool that installs ZENworks Imaging on USB devices. Great addition to your bag of tricks, from the ever-growing collection at Cool Solutions Free Tools.

17 Nov 2004
ZENworks Imaging USB v4.01.05
ZENworks Imaging for USB devices.

09 Nov 2004
ZENworks Imaging USB v6.5
ZENworks Imaging for USB devices.

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