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Matt Ray
Owner, MC Consulting
CNE-4,5,6,GW5,GW6; CSE-GW

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A Bit About Matt

Matt Ray has worked with GroupWise since 1993 when it was WordPerfect Office. He worked for Novell for 13 years, during which time he was in Support and Consulting. He now runs a successful GroupWise Consulting business, MC Consulting, and does GroupWise Consulting wherever and whenever he can; including training, troubleshooting, support, health checks, data recovery and conversion, etc. He can be found on the web at and his email address is

The Complete Works of Matt

30 Oct 2007
The GroupWise "Zombification" Tool
Just in time for Halloween, Matt Ray (evil laugh here) explains the horribly delightful process of bringing back an e-mail message from the dead ...

30 Oct 2007
Troubleshooting a C06B Error with the GroupWise Server Migration Utility
Matt Ray explains how to avoid a C06B error when dealing with the GroupWise Server Migration Utility.

10 Apr 2007
Converting Large Outlook Express Message Stores into GroupWise
This tip from Cool Solutions reader Matt Ray explains how to take the mystery out of getting message stores from Outlook Express to GroupWise.

07 Dec 2005
Quick and Easy Installation of GroupWise Monitor
Want to be able to quickly resolve GroupWise issues and monitor their GroupWise System without having to build a machine specifically for monitoring their GroupWise System. Installing GroupWise Monitoring seems a little overwhelming, particularly the web server pieces. Matt Ray shows you just how easy it is to do.

21 Sep 2005
Automating GWCheck for Cached/Remote Mailboxes
Matt Ray shares some ways you can automate the maintenance of people's cached mailboxes. Very handy indeed!

16 Jun 2005
Nicknames: The Solution to an Every Day Website Issue
If you have several different email addresses on a website and don't want to setup user accounts for each one, try using Nicknames. Matt Ray shows you how in this tip.

17 Mar 2005
Tip: Creating Multiple Internet Domains for the Same User
Matt Ray shares his solution on how to create multiple internet domains for the same user.

10 Feb 2005
Cool Tip: Launching Applications using Notify and Rules
Matt Ray shares his solution on how to launch an application using Notify and Rules when an email from a specific user is received.

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