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09 May 2007
LDAP / Universal Password with eDirectory 8.8
In this AppNote, Novell's Paul McKeith explains the new feature in eDirectory 8.8 SP1, where NMAS enables LDAP authentications (binds) so that they are case-sensitive. This feature can also help ease the deployment of Universal Password.

08 Sep 2005
VMware: Guest OS Issues
Paul McKeith gives us various tips on using SLES9 or OES on a Windows XP machine through VMware. The following tips are provided:

  • Fix for: Can't Perform a GUI based Install
  • Switching Between Virtual Consoles
  • Fix for: X-Server GUI not Working After Install
  • Installing VMware Tools
  • Fix for: Display Problems with Virtual Consoles (tty1-6)
  • 22 Mar 2005
    DSClone - A New Tool for Disaster Recovery
    Thanks to Paul McKeith for shedding some helpful light on the versatile DSClone utility. Learn how it differs from DSRepair in disaster recovery, and how it can be a valuable addition to your toolset.

    22 Mar 2005
    Scenario: Using DSClone for Disaster Recovery
    If you dread the thought of disaster recovery in a large organization, it's time to take a look at what DSClone can do. It's not the answer to every problem, but it can sure save you a tremndous amount of time. Find out how and why in this article.

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