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22 Aug 2006
Getting an Open Enterprise Server box to Register SLP Services to NetWare SLP DA
Here's a very timely article. Configuring SLP on OES to communicate with a NetWare DA is a very common topic in the forums these days. Enjoy!

04 May 2005
Accessing Volumes Besides SYS Using New BASH Shell
Can't access volumes other than sys using the new BASH shell on OES NetWare or NW6.5 SP3? Here's a nifty solution from Curtis Parker that offers good hands-on steps that illustrate the point.

28 Apr 2005
Providing Server-based CD Access without a CD Tower
Still dealing with CD Towers? Do you need to provide server-based CD access to your users? NetWare 6.5 SP2 can do it. (Freshly updated with an additional tip.)

06 Jan 2005
How to Force a Default Route when Using DHCP
Is your system having trouble finding a default route? Read this quick tip on how to force a default route.

13 Dec 2004
How to Dismount a Mounted File System
You may have discovered the hard way that you can't dismount a mounted file system while it is in use. Let's say you have mounted a network volume, cdrom, or a flash drive and now you want to dismount it but Linux won't allow it because the device is busy. Curtis Parker offers this helpful suggestion.

06 Dec 2004
Mount a USB flash drive without the device ID
Ever need to mount a USB flash drive without knowing the device ID? Here's how you do it.

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