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Matthew Warden Whited

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A Bit About Matthew Warden

Matthew enjoys researching new technology and technical solutions or complex problems. Computers and Electronics are his profession as well as his hobby.

See http://www.whited.us.

The Complete Works of Matthew Warden

15 Apr 2005
Client Trust for Others
Single Sign-on for BorderManager client for Linux.

17 Mar 2005
ZfD PXE LDAP Image Utility
LDAP Scripted Workstation Image Objects for ZENworks Preboot Services.

04 Mar 2005
AppNote: Sysprep, Add-on Images, Application Objects, Oh My!
Come learn how to utilize the power of ZENworks and Microsoft Sysprep to streamline your imaging processes.

01 Mar 2005
Scripted ZENworks Imaging
Matthew Whited shares a nifty Workstation Imaging script that is a regular workhorse for him. It will request a new name if one is not found in ZIS, prompt you to change the existing name, as well as prompt you for a building, room, and model of the system you would like to image. Check it out and see if you can put it to good use.

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