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A Bit About Darren R.

Darren is the Linux Developer Evangelist working in Novell's Strategic Partner Engineering group helping ISVs to develop and port their applications to SUSE Linux. He has a Masters degree in Computer Science from Utah State University. He has worked with BSD, Linux, UNIX and Open Source Software since 1987 in roles of software development, management, technology strategy and technology evangelism for several software companies.

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21 Jul 2005
Linux Tutorials
Here are three demos you'll want to carve out some time for. Understanding and Using the Linux Standard Base, Porting .NET Applications to Linux, and Password Management using Password Self-service on Novell Open Enterprise Server (OES)

21 Jun 2005
Understanding and Using the Linux Standard Base
If you are a commercial vendor and you are distributing your application in binary only form, you want to have your Linux application target all available Linux distributions. Sometimes, this has not always been achievable due to a difference in one of the Linux distributions. It is the goal of the Linux Standard Base to provide a specification and tools that allow for binary compatibility of applications and distributions.

18 May 2005
Cool Solutions For Developers - Linux Developer Bookshelf
Novell's Darren Davis tells about three books that every Linux Developer should have on their bookshelf.

15 Apr 2005
An Introduction to WBEM and OpenWBEM in SUSE Linux
Often when developing applications for Linux, a systems management tool is needed for configuring the application or service on Linux. For example, say we implemented a time update daemon, how would the user go about configuring the service? The WBEM standard is the perfect way to add systems management to your application or service without having to develop the whole management application.

23 Mar 2005
OProfile -- Linux Profiling Tool
So, you have created that brand new killer Linux application for SUSE Linux and you're running it on the latest hardware. While testing, you hypothesize that your recently purchased server is capable of giving you a little more out of your application. How do you go about figuring out where you can gain more performance? Check out OProfile.

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