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06 Feb 2007
Updating GMS Devices for the Daylight Savings Time Table
Sean Azhadi shares some insights on managing DST changes with mobile devices and GroupWise Mobile Sync.

09 Jan 2007
Using iFolder to Carry GroupWise Archives
Now you can take your GroupWise archives with you, thanks to this handy tip from Sean Azhadi.

19 Dec 2006
Migrating Outlook Attachments to GroupWise
Novell's Sean Azhadi reminds us of any easy (and free) way to get Outlook attachments migrated to GroupWise.

21 Mar 2006
Changing and Launching the Default Browser in GroupWise
Problem - you have to change your default browser back to IE. Even worse - the links inside your GroupWise e-mail messages are still trying to use the old browser. Cool Solutions contributor Sean Azhadi shares a registry key solution to make things right.

01 Mar 2005
Using iFolder to Synchronize Firefox Bookmarks
Annoyed by multiple systems and multiple bookmarks? Come see how Sean used iFolder to synchronize bookmarks for Firefox browser.

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