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02 Dec 2004
MASS 2.79
Multiple Application Setting Syncer.

02 Jun 2004
Prevent relaunching of MSI installations.

05 Sep 2003
Update to Multiple Application Setting Syncer (MASS)
Freshly Updated! Sometimes it's efficient to ensure application object's setting(s) carry the same value throughout the masses of them. Finding it annoying to traverse all400 applications objects in their tree, Bryan Berns wrote a ConsoleOne snapin to do the work. Happily, he was in the mood to share!

23 Dec 2002
Bryan Berns shares his tweaks of the popular QuickResNT utility, that makes it perfect for his academic environment.

05 Sep 2002
Blocking Web Sites without a Firewall
Bryan Berns details how you can block access to websites in IE (without use of a firewall) using 'Content Advisor'.

16 Jul 2002
Bringing Out the Dead (User IDs)
When a person logs in and then turns off the machine without logging out; the DLU remains, leaving a steadily growing list of dead IDs behind. Here's a tool that can help you wipe them all out at once.

18 Feb 2002
Troubleshooting Applications that Re-Launch MSI Installations
Some MSI-based installs will re-launch the setup program when the program launches if it finds everything isn't just how it thinks it should be. Way annoying, and could even halt some installs. Bryan Berns shares his slick solution and free tool.

29 Aug 2001
Fun Stuff With Imported Objects
Bryan Berns explains how to authenticate as two different users.

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