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10 Dec 2007
Monitor Identity Manager - eDirectory Driver Synchronization with Nagios
Check Novell Identity Manager synchronization between eDirectory trees using ldap.

01 Nov 2007
Nagios 3.0 - Sample Check Program Integration for LDAP Statistics
In this third article of a series about Nagios 3.0, Rainer Brunold shows you how to integrate a new check program into the Nagios environment.

26 Oct 2007
Nagios 3.0 Extension - NagiosGraph
Rainer Brunold continues his series of articles on Nagios 3.0. This article will show you how to add a Nagios extension that allows you to create charts based on service check results.

19 Oct 2007
Nagios 3.0 - A Extensible Host and Service Monitoring
If you're planning on installing Nagios, check out this installation guide from Rainer Brunold that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to set it up.

15 Oct 2007
Check eDirectory LDAP Statistics with Nagios
This program can be used to monitor the number of ldap searches and errors with Nagios.

26 Sep 2007
Check ZLM assignment integrity between eDirectory object store and postgresql data store
This program checks the bundle, catalog and policy assignments between the eDirectory object store and postgresql data store.

20 Sep 2007
Monitor ZLM queue entries with Nagios
This program monitors the ZLM queue and reports problems back.

12 Jan 2007
ZLM Bundle / Device Report V 1.0
Creates a list of devices where bundle should go, based on bundle selection.

22 Jan 2006
ZLM 7 Bundle Handling
Check for Duplicate Packages in an OES Bundle.

19 Jan 2006
Nagios: Host and Service Monitoring Tool
Rainer Brunold introduces Nagios, an excellent server and service monitoring tool.

15 Dec 2005
Getting New HP MIB Files to Compile and Create Alerts
If you are finding that new HP MIB files will compile successfully but won't create alarm disposition entries, Rainer Brunold has a tip for you.

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