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21 Mar 2007
Dealing with Changing Public IP Addresses in BorderManager
Switching to new public IP addresses can be a pain ... Caterina Luppi shares a few insights to get BorderManager to handle them well.

07 Mar 2007
Placing a Web Server in an NBM DMZ
Caterina Luppi has a simple tip for setting up a Web server in a BorderManager DMZ.

14 Jun 2002
Changing the Slave VPN
It's very simple to change the slave VPN, but you absolutely must proceed in the correct order. Here's how to do it.

15 Mar 2002
Troubleshooting IP Problems
Here is one of the magic tricks of resolving IP problems on NetWare. Renaming NETINFO.CFG and TCPIP.CFG, then re-entering the networking config in INETCFG often fixes inexplicable communications problems. Come get the details.

15 Mar 2002
Blocking FTP Downloads with an Access Rule
If you are having trouble making an access rule that will effectively block FTP downloads through the browser, here are some troubleshooting tips from the exceptionally helpful Catarina Luppi.

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