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08 Sep 2005
Finding Orphaned Home Directories
When user accounts are deleted but the home directories are not removed, you can be stuck with a mess. This tip from Cool Solutions contributor Charles Hucks provides a script to get the cleanup handled.

31 Aug 2005
Scripted Approach to Maintaining Groups
Cool Solutions contributor Charles Hucks shows us how to combine a script with Novell ActiveX controls to simplify group maintainenance.

12 May 2004
Program Monitor
A program killer that cannot be bypassed by renaming the exe.

04 May 2004
NDPS Printer Installer
Lets you assign printers based on computer rather than user.

19 Dec 2002
Controlling Disk Space on Server
Charles Hucks shares his method of finding huge files that are clogging up the server.

27 Aug 2002
Avoiding the Windows 2000 Local Profiles Nightmare
Freshly updated with a new suggestion. Come see how Tommy Carter and Charles Hucks work around "One of the worst crimes against network administrators:" the forced implementation of user profiles with Windows NT/2000.

26 Jun 2002
NDPS Printer Management Tool
In the school system where Charles Hucks works, they needed a way to assign printers to computers instead of to users. Through trial and error they created a system, and a configuration wizard, that worked perfectly. Now they're sharing their genius -- and their tool.

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