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12 Nov 2003
Opening Up and Tying Down Remote Access Security
Read this new article from Novell Connection Magazine. With more than 20,000 customers and ten million seats in production, Novell BorderManager is one of the top firewall and virtual private network (VPN) products available today--and these impressive numbers are about to get even better.

07 Aug 2002
Choosing a Directory Matters
If you think choosing a directory service can wait until after the *real* choices about hardware and software are made, think again. Novell Connection's Cheryl Walton explores why the directory service decision should get top billing. Read more here.

03 Jun 2002
IDACORP Energy Upgrades Their Windows/Sun Network
When IDACORP Energy started shopping for ways to improve their Windows and Sun Microsystems network, one Novell solution after another was added to their list. Here's a comprehensive report from Novell Connection Magazine.

24 Jan 2002
Beneficial Life Opens its Internet Doors
Cheryl Walton outlines the steps this life insurance company took to leverage Novell products (including eDirectory) en route to making its services available over the Internet.

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