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05 Feb 2003
Using Webalizer to Analyze Novell BorderManager Logs
Chris Bailey needed to prove that they needed more bandwidth in his school, so he needed a good way to show the administration where all the Internet traffic was coming from. He came up with this ingenious way of using Webalizer (open-source) to analyze NBM logs, and shares it in this nicely detailed article, including his Perl script. Enjoy!

06 Jan 2003
Stomping out Annoying Ads
Chris Bailey had a rash of advertising programs magically get installed onto their school machines (programs such as Gator and Precision Time), and he wasn't going to sit still for that. Here's his list of addresses to block. Thanks, Chris!

19 Dec 2002
Restricting Viewable Drives in NetStorage
Chris Bailey shares a great idea for securing NetStorage. Here's a simple alteration to their login scripts that determine where the staff member is logging in from -- school or NetStorage.

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