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09 Oct 2007
Upgrading a Fully Patched GroupWise 6.5 System to 7.0
Wallace Frist shares a simple solution for going from a patched GroupWsie 6.5 system to version 7.0.

09 Oct 2007
Solving Error -8200: Unable to Access SDD
If -8200 is not a good number for you or your SDD, Wallace Frist has a solution that may help ...

05 Oct 2007
Dual Boot SLED 10 SP1 and Windows Vista with GRUB as the Boot Loader
Wally Frist explains how to set up dual boot for SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 Service Pack 1 and Vista using GRUB as the boot loader.

24 Jul 2007
Changing a Name while Still Using an Old Email Address
Ah, the excitement of a double life - but it doesn't have to be complicated, as this e-mail identity solution from Wally Frist explains.

26 Jun 2007
Disabling Client Auto-Update before Patching GroupWise
Need to test the new GroupWise Messenger before your GroupWise patch goes out? Wallace Frist shows you how to disable the client auto-update and buy yourself some time ...

05 Jun 2007
Two Post Offices, One Server
Wally Frist explains how to get a second GroupWise post office up and running on the same server.

22 May 2007
TBX.nlm - Saves Time When Backups Fail
Wallace Frist explains how TBX.nlm can make your life easier when backing up GroupWise remotely.

24 Apr 2007
Running GroupWise Messenger 2.0 with GroupWise 6.5
Wallace Frist sheds some light on using GroupWise Messenger 2.0 with GroupWise 6.5.

05 Apr 2007
Walter Frist shares some tips on how to avoid errors when using the tzupdater tool.

27 Mar 2007
WebAccess E-mail Still Off By One Hour?
Wallace Frist shares a step-by step solution for getting your WebAccess users back on track with the correct DST update.

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