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27 Oct 2007
Novell Audit Starter Pack Database Version 1.3
Capture, maintain and analyze the information gathered by the Novell Audit Starter Pack 2.0.2 application.

26 Sep 2007
NLM Inventory Tool 4.0
Updated: Use MS Word and MS Access to inventory the NLMs on your servers and other Config.txt file data.

28 Aug 2007
Locking Out GroupWise Clients for Security Fixes
This tip from Chris Premo helps you lock out GroupWise clients prior to doing a security update for GroupWise.

03 Aug 2007
Setting Up XNTPD Time on NetWare 6.5 SP5 Servers
Chris Premo explains how to configure your NetWare 6.5 SP5 servers to use XNTPD Time.

27 Jul 2007
Securing Access to the iPrint Web Page outside of the Network
Here's a tip from Chris Premo on how to secure access to the iPrint Web Page from outside of the Network.

25 Jul 2007
BorderManager Filters Database 2.4
Monitor changes in BorderManager filters file.

03 Jul 2007
Adding GWIA Global Signatures with HTML
Chris Premo explains how to get GWIA global signatures working properly in HTML format.

15 Mar 2007
Service Location Protocol (SLP) Directory Agent (DA) Setup Instructions
Updated: Frequent contributor Chris Premo shares some instructions on how to setup SLP services.

19 Oct 2006
Troubleshooting SLPDA Services
Chris Premo shares some instructions he wrote to assist new administrators in troubleshooting SLPDA servers.

01 Aug 2006
Manually Updating GroupWise
Chris Premo shares a quick little walkthrough on how to upgrade a Domain manually, in case the installation wizard is not working properly.

22 Mar 2006
GroupWise Accounting Data Report 2.0
Generate a report on users' email traffic.

01 Mar 2005
File Copy Tool
Automatically send files or a selected folder to selected servers.

08 Jan 2003
Log GroupWise Activity With This Free Tool
Updated: Chris Premo has made some enhancements to this popular tool he created to audit the email traffic going through the system he oversees. Download it here.

26 Sep 2002
Network Broadcast
Broadcast a message to all users at one time.

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