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02 Jun 2005
AppNote: NBM Filter Management for BorderManager 3.8 SP3
Chitra Gurjar and Sahu Rashmi of Novell System Testing have teamed up to provide this behind-the-scenes look at the new BorderManager Filter Management Wizard (aka, the Firewall Wizard).

24 Aug 2004
AppNote: Alternate Approach to Maintaining NBM Packet Filters
This AppNote helps you leverage Novell LDAP utilities for adding, modifying, and deleting filters collectively, or adding filters individually. This solution works even without using FILTCFG or iManager.

15 Jan 2004
AppNote: NBM 3.8 VPN Monitoring: New Features and Usage Tips
Novell BorderManager 3.8 (NBM 3.8) features a new monitoring mechanism for VPN services. VPN monitoring is a central repository of VPN services information. It can be accessed using the Novell Remote Manager interface. This paper would be useful for those administrators who plan to deploy NBM 3.8 or have already deployed NBM 3.8 VPN services. This paper is pictorially driven, with notes to substantiate the images.

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