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01 Aug 2007
Checking Synchronization between eDirectory Trees
Jeff Johnson shares a few IDM rules that help you determine whether passwords have been synchronized.

27 Jun 2007
IDM Pushback Rule for Password Changes
Here's a handy IDM rule from Jeff Johnson that pushes back a password when certain criteria are met.

14 Feb 2007
Monitoring Identity Manager with Novell Audit
Jeff Johnson shares a guide for getting Novell Audit set up to monitor your Identity Manager transactions.

13 Dec 2006
Replacing a Server and Keeping the IDM Configuration
Jeff Johnson has an easy procedure for replacing an IDM server without losing its configuration.

25 Oct 2006
Sending E-mails on Unsuccessful Transactions
Here's a short policy smaple from Jeff Johnson that helps you automatically send an e-mail when a transaction is unsuccessful.

26 Jul 2006
Setting Login Expiration Time from XSLT
Here's a quick tip from Jeff Johnson on setting password expiration time for Identity Manager in XSLT.

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